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Digital Torque Meter

December 8th, 2014

Acmas Technologies digital torque meter control torque in electronic  wrenches, electric screwdrivers, air screwdrivers, pulse tools, nutrunners, and are widely employed in automation, laboratories, and general industrial applications. It features an easy to use touch pad screen to capture peak torque values. Its integrated level sensor automatically rotates the LCD screen depending on the torque testers’ orientation.It can be supplied from a range of standard sizes or specially designed and built to meet specific customer requirements.

Our torque meters meet their goals for product quality, uptime, reliability, line speed, and economy. The World-class service and comprehensive selection of economical digital torque meter have made us a preferred sales provider globally.



  • Fast and Slow Sampling Modes
  • Auto Shut-Off Extends Battery Life
  • Reading Hold
  • covers the entire testing range of cap sizes operating from 0-100 inch lbs. for both removal and application
  • On-Screen graphing capability for tool performance analysis
  • Export data directly to computer through USB or save to SD Card
  • Automatic screen rotation (level sensor flips screen vertically or horizontally)
  • “Quick Run” mode provides the ability to quickly audit and verify a tool



  • automotive,
  • automation,
  • Laboratories and general industrial applications.

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Technical Specifications

MODEL : TM – 20                          Measurement Range at Peak :                      0.001 ~ 2
MODEL : TM – 50                           Measurement Range at Peak :                                     0.002 ~ 5
MODEL : TM – 100                         Measurement Range at Peak :                                   0.005 ~ 10
MODEL : TM – 200                        Measurement Range at Peak :                                       0.01 ~ 20


Measuring Mode                        Track, Peak, Auto Peak
Accuracy                                  -0.5
Power (charging time)  1.5 V NiHM cell 6 or rechargeable battery (recharging 6 hours)
Input                                              AC 220 V ~ 240V
Output                                            DC 9V 400 Ma
Continuous use at full charge                     20 hours
Battery Life                                   Recharging 300 times
Dimensions                           230 (W) x 65 (H) x 120 (D) ) mm