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Normal Bomb Calorimeters

March 4th, 2015
Weiber normal bomb calorimeters measures calorific value of materials which are burned as fuels and the quantity of heat transferred to or from an object. It is the most cost-effective calorimeter and is easily operated manually. These Bomb Calorimeters provide a wide selection of equipment for all types of calorimetric service, whether for routine fuel tests, for precise research measurements or for occasional calorific tests.The entire range we offer is highly reliable and stable for being produced as per the latest market trends & using premium raw-materials.

These are durable and can effectively perform temperature controlling activities at different conditions. Further, our range is available in various dimensions and specifications to meet the exact requirement of our clients.Equipped with a range of standard features and added optional accessories to enhance the end user experience and increased versatility of the equipment.


  • A bright, color, touch screen display for data entry and operation control
  • E with a USB port for reporting to a printer and receiving sample weights from an analytical balance
  • GMP & GLP compliant
  • CE certified
  • European standards certified
  • Low malfunction rate.
  • Energy efficient
  • Incorporated with the most developed and advanced technology


  • Fuel oil, both heavy and light varieties
  • Gasoline, all motor fuels and aviation type jet fuels
  • Combustible wastes and refuse disposal
  • Solid and Liquid fuel testing
  • Food & Metabolic studies
  • Waste disposal
  • Educational training
  • Foodstuffs and supplements for human nutrition

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Technical specifications


Calorimeter type Isoperibol 
Temperature testing range 5℃~40℃
Temperature resolution 0.0005℃ 
Precision RSD≤0.2% 
Testing Time 25 min a sample, 15 min a sample (ASTM, Chinese National Standard) 
Weight of sample 4g~5g (Raw cement material) 
Repeating error ≤76KJ / Kg (18KCal / Kg) (Raw cement material) 
Power supply 220V, 50/60HZ 
Power ≤1.5kw
Dimension 530mm×420mm×420mm 


Weight 30Kg