CO2 Carbon Dioxide Monitor and Controller

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Acmas Technologies CO2 carbon dioxide monitor and controller assess indoor air quality and is an ideal instrument to monitor and keep control over CO2 being released by various processes.

This monitor is designed to provide the operator with a fast response measurement. The housing has been carefully shaped to fit comfortably in either hand. Itis manufactured utilizing high grade raw materials and is available in the market at a diminutive price range. We offer an exclusive range of carbon dioxide monitors to our customers. Our global clients have appreciated the wide variety of monitors catered by us provide near scientific accuracy, high reliability and functionality at an affordable price.


  • No electrical outlet needed
  • Alarm for high CO level
  • Low running and maintenance cost
  • High reliability – robust design
  • Simple installation – advanced alignment features
  • simple to use
  • data logging available
  • adjustable alarm
  • portable
  • rechargeable battery
  • User friendly setting buttons
  • Low power consumption


  • Food Packaging
  • Pharmaceutical research, production, and packaging
  • Purge Verification and contamination control
  • Biotechnology
  • Suitable for prevention and monitoring of CO2 potential leak and a Controller of Ventilation System in Below Applications Human Environment, Industrial Environment, Underground Parking Lot and Freezing machine room.

 Find here:- CO2 Carbon Dioxide Monitor

Technical specifications

     Providing up to three 0~10V analog output or up to three relay  dry-contact outputs
     The analog output with two alternatives
     Lineari zed over full range output
     PID control output
     User selectable ranges of CO2:          0 ~ 20,000 ppm,  0 ~     50,000
     Adjustable Range of Temperature:      5 – 45
     Adjustable Range of Humidity:           5~95% RH&
     RS-485Communication Interface                                  (optional )
     15KV Antistatic Protection
     Independent Base Address Setting

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