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The Acm-MP-DDS - series economical microprocessor based conductivity meter is ideal for routine use in schools, laboratories and production plants. This microprocessor based table top pH meter is capable of measuring the capacity of ions in a solution to carry electrical current.

Key Features:

Single Point Push-Button Calibration:

Acm-MP-DDS - series economical microprocessor based conductivity meters are equipped with single point calibration function. The meter is permitted to use user-defined solution, You need only set conductivity value of the solution under temperature 25 o C and immerse probe in the solution. Press [ENTER], the meter will calibrated automatically.

Auto-Ranging for Conductivity: Our conductivity meters have auto-ranging function. It will scan the current value and transfer the range, Final measured value will also displayed on the screen in the most precise resolution.

Automatic temperature compensation: Acm-MP-DDS - series economical microprocessor based conductivity meters are equipped with automatic temperature compensation and measurement function, the meter will recognize temperature sensor automatically and measure temperature after temperature sensor connected to the meter. If you connect the conductivity electrode in the same time, it will begin to the automatic temperature compensation.

Adjustable temperature coefficient: Different ion solution usually have different temperature coefficient, setting temperature coefficient correctly is very important to measurement, DDS-W series can be set in the range of 0~3.9%/oC.

Adjustable cell constant: When measuring higher or lower conductivity solution, you should choose conductivity electrode with different constant. There is three electrode (0.1, 1, 10) constant for your choice, you can choose according to your electrode. The meter will display value automatically.

Model Acm-MP-DDS-11AW Acm-MP-DDS-307W Acm-MP-DDS-12DW
Conductivity Testing Range 1.999uS/cm, 19.99 uS/cm, 199.9 uS/cm, 1999 uS/cm, 19.99mS/cm, 200.0mS/cm
Conductivity Testing accuracy ±1.5%F.S ±1%F.S ±1%F.S
Temperature Testing Range …… …… 0~100℃
Temperature Testing accuracy 2 points (pH6.86/pH4.00 or pH6.86/pH9.18), NIST Standard Solution
Temperature compensation range …… …… ±1℃
Coefficient of Temp. compensation 0~3.9% / °C
Calibration point 1 point, input figure
Electrode constant 0.1, 1.0, 10, Adjustable continuously
Temperature compensation range 0~50℃ manual 0~50℃ manual or automatic
Power Supplier 9V/350mA adapter, 220V/50Hz, OEM available customizing as per 110V/60Hz
External Size 210×205×65
Weight 1.5kg
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