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Weiber industrial saphire-1000 series Reverse Osmosis systems are designed and manufactured for dependable service, they can provide packaged water quality with output capacities ranging from 1000 LPH. These systems are ideal for small and medium-sized water stores or bottling operations. our systems will output water is in 10 to 30 PPM TDS range.


The various processing stages involved in RO system are:

Ro System

The equipment required for these various stages can be purchased "stand-alone", or separately, if needed. More usuallywe will supply an integrated, or "turnkey" system, in which the needed stages and equipment are pre-connected and tested.

The process occurs in several steps:
  1. Preconditioning Stage

    The proper preconditioning of your water is critical to the smooth and safe operation of your business. Improperly treated input water can cause serious damage to the various components of your reverse osmosis system, and would surely compromise the quality of your product water.

    A complete analysis of your incoming water supply is essential. This will determine what elements are present and what pre-treatment is necessary to remedy any problems

  2. A typical standard preconditioning package consists of:

    Multi-media filter to remove sediment and particulate matter

    Carbon filter to remove any organic chemicals (chlorine, pesticides, etc.)

    These systems are available "stand-alone" or as part of a "turnkey" package.

    In some cases, additional preconditioning may be needed. For example, the presence of bacteria or iron in the incoming water would require treatment with ultraviolet light and specialized iron filters, respectively.

  3. RO Stage

    The main focus of our commercial reverse osmosis systems is the small to medium-sized water store or bottling operation.

  4. Disinfection Stage

    The disinfection stage is an essential component of any drinking water processing operation. Since the water exiting the reverse osmosis system will be stored in a closed tank, it is susceptible to stagnation and biological contamination. To remedy this, some combination of Ultraviolet and/or Ozone disinfection is required. As in the preconditioning stage, this equipment can be purchased "stand-alone" if needed. However, some of the reverse osmosis systems we supply (see below) are optionally configurable with UV and Ozone modules.

Made of heavy gauge stainless sheet inside and outside, with immersion type heaters. The still provides continuous supply of pyroxene free distilled water and is equipped with brackets for wall mounting plug and cord and connector.

  • Compact design requires minimal installation space
  • Designed for municipal/tap water source
  • Quality components utilized for system construction
  • Designed for optimum water recovery
  • Adjustable waste and recycle flow controls
  • Quick and easy system installation
  • Available for pressure or open tank applications
  • Vertical Heavy Duty Pump
  • Complete Stainless Steel Housing
  • Tfc membrane, PVC housing
  • Liquid-filled system pressure gauge
  • Pressurized tank pressure gauge
  • Adjustable. Waste/recycle valves
  • High-pressure nylon tubing
  • High-pressure brass comp. Fittings
  • Storage tank pressure switch
  • Low-pressure switch
  • Feed water inlet solenoid valve
  • Rotary vane pump
  • Suitable sediment pre-filter
  • Suitable carbon block pre-filter
  • Pressure: 20 psi – 60 psi
  • Temperature: 35°F - 85°F
  • Electrical: 1/ 3 phase, 220-230/440Volts AC supply
  • Free Chlorine:<.1 ppm
  • pH: 5.8 – 10
  • Turbidity: 1 NTU (max)
  • Silt Density Index: 5 (max)]
  • System Efficiency
  • Percentage ionic rejection >96%
  • Percent recovery 50-75%
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