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The High Capacity Plant Growth Chamber from Weiber are designed to provide expansive space and quality along with highly precise control of various environmental conditions for optimum plant growth. These multi-purpose growth chambers provide an innovative solution for various agricultural and agronomic practices and are especially designed to suit the requirements of specific applications. They create a protected environment to facilitate fundamental agricultural practices as well as scientific and applied research and field testing. These Walk In Plant Growth Chamber completely isolate the research area from the surrounding environment, allowing year round cultivation of agricultural and fruit crops irrespective of their growing seasons, therefore serving the needs of the evolving markets and also allowing conservation of agricultural and natural resources.


The High Capacity Plant Growth Chamber from Weiber are available in a wide variety of sizes and configurations, the sizes ranging in increments of 100 ft2 up to 1300 ft2 of interior space. They use high quality construction materials for a sturdy and reliable construction and come with configurable options to allow complete customization of the equipment. The equipment features insulated wall panels that reduce visual exposure from the outside, therefore eliminating light pollution and facilitating the incubation of light sensitive samples including specific cells and tissue culture, biological samples etc. The large foot print of these plant growth houses and the use of conveyor plant system and rolling benches maximize the available floor space for maximum space efficiency. They are available as economical and energy efficient units that use advanced technology for minimum power consumption and reduced carbon footprint.

The units come equipped with various lighting configurations to allow low to medium as well as high level light intensities and can be designed to incorporate other lighting systems and features for specific applications. The high performance research Walk In Plant Growth Chamber can also be designed with a high intensity discharge lighting (HID) and support system that enables the units to achieve illumination levels similar to the standard walk-in rooms. The equipment uses microprocessor based control system for highly precise control of various operating parameters. There are configurable options available for lighting, refrigeration and CO2 control, allowing complete customization of the equipment. These plant growth houses also allow fine tuning of the operating parameters for highly accurate temperature, relative humidity, CO2 concentration and illumination levels, allowing reproducibility of growth conditions for research applications.

They provide a protected environment for plants, insects and other substrates that is free from outside contaminants and can be easily monitored for accuracy. The units use a digital monitoring system for continuous monitoring of the environmental conditions within the chamber and are also provided with emergency alerts for out of spec parameters. They are also equipped for Ethernet and PC connectivity, allowing easy access for internet mediated adjustments.

  • Designed for maximum space efficiency
  • Insulated wall panels for security
  • Available in configurable options to allow customization
  • Uses high intensity discharge lighting (HID) and support system to achieve adequate illumination levels
  • Highly precise control of environmental parameters
  • Use of digital monitoring system
  • Economical and energy efficient units

Interior Area

100 ft² up to 1300 ft² 


CSA certified & Approved


High intensity Discharge (HID)


Insulated Panel walls

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