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Weiber green houses are climate controlled enclosures that provide highly precise control of various environmental factors to facilitate agronomic practices throughout the year irrespective of the external environments. They use advanced technology to create an ideal micro-environment around the plants for optimum growth and productivity. These chambers are designed to provide highly precise temperature, humidity, ventilation conditions and illumination levels and also allow best irrigation practices, disease control and choice of soil media for better yields. They also provide natural protection to the plants from temperature extremes, solar radiation, wind and precipitation and easy pest management, allowing off season production of fruit and vegetable crops, year round floriculture, plant breeding, crop improvement, acclimatization of planting material and other integrated agricultural practices.


The Weiber green houses are easy to assemble and easy to maintain, economical units that are available at reasonable prices for increased affordability. They are conceptualized and designed to suit a wide range of climatic and physical conditions for increased versatility and come equipped with excellent fabrication and erection facilities. The green houses from Weiber are available in a wide variety of sizes for both small scale and large scale applications and can also be customized as per the specific requirements. They use galvanized steel for a non-corrosive, sturdy and reliable construction and use a polyethylene, polycarbonate or acrylic covering material, allowing high levels of natural daylight within the chamber. The equipment uses special aluminium locking and fastening profile for covering material, ensuring high quality and distortion free edges.

The green houses are primarily convection heated structural units that use the incoming visible solar radiation for heating of the interiors. Since this heat remains trapped within the interiors and can cause overheating, the green houses are also provided with a cellulose cooling pad and an exhaust fan system for maintaining the optimum temperatures. They use special purpose fans for drawing air through high efficiency cooling pads made up of cellulose fibre. The equipments are also provided with a CO2 generator for providing additional carbon dioxide to the growing plants.

The equipment features natural roof and side-wall ventilation system for added convenience and reduced energy costs. The units might be provided with foggers for maintaining the humidity levels and an efficient drip irrigation system for fertigation. The Weiber greenhouses also come e quipped with a computer controlled system for maintaining the temperature and humidity levels, sensors and other monitoring equipments to allow continuous monitoring of the growth conditions. The equipment features a wide range of sensors that are linked with the automated control systems, allowing the equipment to make regular adjustments to the equipment settings for better control of CO2 concentrations, relative humidity, vapour pressure deficit, temperature, light intensity, pH of the medium and wind speed and direction for optimizing growing conditions.

  • Galvanized Steel Construction
  • Easy to operate & control
  • Easy to assemble & dissemble
  • Easy to maintain, economical units
  • Available at affordable prices
  • Cellulose Cooling Pad and Exhaust Fan System
  • CO2 Generator
  • Special Aluminium locking and fastening profile for covering material
  • Trestles system for flowers
  • UV stabilized covering materials of Polyethylene / Polycarbonate / Acrylic
  • Computer control system


Galvanized Steel

Covering Material


Hanging Load

25 – 30 Kg per Sq. Mt


CSA Approved and Certified

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