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Weiber Vibration and Temperature & Humidity & Vibration Combined Test Chamber offer combined temperature, humidity, and/or vibration environments. Weiber models are designed for compatibility with user’s choice of electrodynamic or mechanical vibration systems. While each model is manufactured to standard designs, they may also be custom engineered to meet a wide range of stringent test requirements. The Test Chamber comes with optional capability to interface with vibration systems in both the horizontal and vertical modes of operation with rear or vertical sliding doors. The Weiber Series temperature/humidity and vibration chambers are designed to integrate with vibration systems in only the vertical mode of operation.

This chamber Series reproduces combinations of mechanical stress such as vibration or shocks with environmental stress such as temperature and humidity. These conditions are particularly needed for test of aircraft and automotive parts, but also precision instruments, and to a great extent electronics parts in general. Weiber Provides Vibration Test Chamber, Environmental Stress Screening Test Chamber and Vibration Testing Chamber


Touch Screen Controller saves chamber programming and setup time. Removable USB I-stick simplifies access to profile, alarm, and audit trail files

Dual Purpose- May be operated as a separate temperature/humidity chamber, maximizing user’s investment.

Simulates up to three combined environment in one test chamber

Versatile - Chamber may interface with your existing vibration shaker or a new shaker of your choice

Customizable design to meet stringent test requirements

User friendly controls for easy integration into users test system. Refrigeration design protects compressors and prolongs life, keeping cool during all operating conditions.

Refrigeration design uses less power, saving operating costs

An electronic humidity sensor is used on all humidity models for accuracy and minimal maintenance

Humidity water filtration system is included to filter impurities and protect your chamber interior

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