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The vacuum ovens from Weiber are heating equipments that are designed to operate across a wide temperature range under normal atmospheric pressure or vacuum conditions up to 30” Hg, for day to day heating and vacuum drying applications. Designed for high-precision temperature control and equipped with a flexible vacuum system, they provide fast and gentle drying solutions for heat-sensitive and air-sensitive materials such as cosmetics, books, food items, clocks, PCBs and other electronic components. These vacuum heating and drying ovens are designed for excellent temperature and Vacuum performance, facilitating their use for drying and desiccation of samples, powder drying, vacuum embedding and electronic component processing. These economical and highly efficient vacuum ovens are employed for a wide range of scientific and research applications and find widespread usage in research laboratories, defence installations, educational institutes and industrial units.

The vacuum ovens from Weiber are available in various sizes and configurations and are completely customizable as per the specific requirements. They are designed in accordance with ASTM standards and bear CE certification for safety and reliability. The Vacuum ovens are essentially double walled equipments that feature high quality, heavy gauge SS 304 stainless steel internal surfaces and external surfaces made up of powder coated galvanized sheets with paint finish. The equipment features highly resistant and non-corrosive external and internal surfaces and the internal surfaces are argon welded for seamless welds and strong bracing. The gap between the outer and inner wall is filled with high-grade mineral glass wool for maximum thermal efficiency. The double plenum design of these vacuum ovens ensures a cooler outer surface for easy handling of the equipment. The equipment is also provided with a toughened glass door for increased visibility.


The equipment uses an indirect heating system comprising of air heaters for three-side heating of the chamber. They are also provided with efficient fans and motor that help in maintaining a continuous air circulation for uniform distribution of heat. The Weiber vacuum ovens use PID microprocessor based controllers cum indicators for highly efficient temperature control and display of the working temperatures. They are also provided with an easy to use control panel that comprises of ON/OFF switches, indicator lamps, temperature controllers and thermostat. These equipments are connected with data logger units for storage of the recorded data and are provided with an RS 232 interface for PC connectivity.

  • Economical and versatile usage
  • Energy Efficient units
  • Long life
  • Low Maintenance
  • Scientifically designed for excellent vacuum and temperature control
  • Smooth, highly resistant and non-corrosive external and internal surfaces
  • Argon welded internal surfaces for seamless welds
  • Highly reliable and safe operation
  • Toughened glass door for increased visibility
  • Double plenum design for safe handling
  • Precise Vacuum Control: 28” (70.2 cm) Hg displayed on analog gauge
  • Calibration And Protocol Documentation
  • Designed in accordance with ASTM standards
  • Bear CE certification


PID type Electronic Digital Display Temperature Indicator cum Controller.

Temperature Range

Ambient to 250° C


±2° C


± 1 % of Set Value

Heat up Time

45 minute up to 250° C


1° C


PT–100 Sensor

Power Supply

230 volts AC

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