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The Tray Drier, Tray Drying Chambers, Industrial Tray Drier from Weiber are conventional heating units that are commonly employed for drying fruits, vegetables, herbs, roots, meat, seafood, pasta and other food and non-food items. They are used for both domestic as well as industrial applications and find widespread usage in food processing industries, bakeries, pharmaceutical industries, powder drying and processing units, plastic drying units and drug production and processing units. These drying chambers are available in various standard sizes and can also be customized to suit specific requirements.

The Weiber Tray Drying Chamber manufacturers have made these chambers easy to operate, low maintenance equipments that are designed for highly safe, reliable and economical operation. They consist of an insulated cabinet, fitted with trays for holding the sample to be dried. The drying chambers are double walled units that feature high grade SS 304 stainless steel interiors and external walls made up of powder coated, rust proofed thick PCRC sheets. The internal walls feature fully welded surfaces, ensuring smooth, easy to clean and leakage proof surfaces. The gap between the walls is filled with high quality mineral glass wool fibrous insulation or PUF cellular insulation for maximum thermal efficiency. The equipment uses sheathed air heaters for indirect heating of the chamber and efficient fans and motor for maintaining a continuous air circulation for uniform distribution of heat. The fans and motor are designed for minimum vibration and low noise operation.


The Tray Drying Chambers use gas circulation method for drying of the samples. The equipment uses an air inlet to allow the entry of fresh air within the chamber, which is then drawn by the fan through the heater coils. The heated air is then blown across the sample specimens and is exhausted outside through the exhaust air outlet. The air inlet is provided with screen filters that filter out all the dust particles and other contaminants, preventing them from entering the drying chamber. The air inlet and exhaust outlet are positioned at considerable distance from one another to prevent the suction of used, moisture laden air back into the circulation. The recirculating designs that permit the recirculation of air within the chamber use a desiccant or cold plates/coils for removing the excess air moisture prior to its recirculation for maximum drying efficiency. The Weiber tray drying chambers are also provided with additional heaters and fans that are strategically placed within the drying chamber to ensure uniform and adequate heating of the samples irrespective of their placement within the unit. The equipment may also use perforated sample trays to allow penetration of upwardly mobile hot air through the sample material via the tray holes for faster drying.

The Weiber tray drying chambers are also provided with a vacuum pump to facilitate the extraction of water vapour and vapours of solvents from the samples to be dried. They use PLC based HMI interactive control panel for efficient temperature control. The equipment is ideally operated in the semi-automatic mode or automatic mode and is generally used for pilot-scale and small scale production drying. The units are also provided with a memory controller that facilitates pre-programmed or programmable operation of the equipment. All the available models also come equipped with an RS 232 interface for PC connectivity.

  • Safe and reliable operation
  • Easy to operate, low maintenance equipments
  • Easy to clean, smooth and non-corrosive surfaces
  • Energy efficient and economical units
  • Insulated cabinet for maximum thermal efficiency
  • RS232C computer interface


900 x 600 x 600 mm 6.0KW 12
900 x 900 x 900 mm 7.0KW 18
1200 x 900 x 900 mm 7.0KW 24
1500 x 900 x 900 mm 10.0KW 30
15800 x 900 x 600 mm 10.0KW 36
1800 x 900 x 900 mm 18.0KW 48
2400 x 900 x 900 mm 24.0KW 60
2400 x 1200 x 900 mm 30.0KW 96

Customizable sizes are also available

Temperature Range 5 deg. C above ambient to 350 deg. C
Control Accuracy ±0.5%
Display LCD
Temperature Sensor PT-100
Controller Nano technology based ergonomic controller
Interior Construction Stainless Steel
Nominal Power 1250 -2500 W
Nominal Voltage 230 V
Frequency 50/ 60 Hz
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