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Thermoregulation system Solar simulation chamber made of a metallic frame and insulation cover panels The test chamber can be easily opened with one hand The height of the sample carrier can also be varied to ensure optimal irradiation of the various samples Corrosion resistant Stainless steel construction Air-cooled refrigeration unit Micro-processor monitoring and control unit Aerosol-free humidification and dehumidification Psychrometric humidity measuring system

Solar Spectrum Test Chamber with integrated solar simulator is the perfect setup to perform solar testing under controlled environmental conditions. It helps to determine the heating effects of direct solar radiation on materials. Weiber manufactured full function test chamber with additional simulation of global sunlight spectra are supplied all across the world at the most economical prices within the limited delivery period. Degradation from solar energy may be attributable particularly to the UV portion of the solar spectrum. Weiber designed Solar Spectrum Test Chambers are of the highest quality and interact perfectly for quick, precise and energy-efficient changes in temperature.


The ultra-accelerated device tracks the sun while concentrating reflected sunlight on test specimens mounted in a target area. However, the new patented mirror system used in the ultra-accelerated concentrator has very high reflectance in the UV and near visible wave length ranges while attenuating reflectance in the longer wavelength visible and IR portions of the solar spectrum. This technology allows for very high concentrations of UV energy without excessive heating of test samples. Custom mounting and cooling can be added depending upon specific material exposure requirements.

The simulation of natural sunlight is achieved using several different methods according to the area of the spectrum it is required to test, in order to check the damage caused by the differing frequencies of solar rays. The reference applications are the accelerated aging of the equipment under the effects of the radiation combined with other environmental phenomena such as: Temperature, Humidity, Rain, and Corrosion. Weiber provides ideal conditions for material research and environment simulation.


Complex Environment Simulator

Irradiation/spectrum range

280 – 3000 mm

Light Source/ radiation source

Metal Halide solar Lamp

Radiant Intensity

400 – 1200 watt/m square

Solar simulator performance as per IEC 60904

Spectral coincidence

Classs B

Spatial uniformity

Class B (>95%)

Temporal Stability

Class A

Temperature range


-20 to 100 deg C

w/o radiation

-30 to 100 deg C

Humidity range

w/ radiation

10 to 85 % RH

w/ radiation

10 to 95% RH



+/- 1deg C or better


+/- 5% or better


Inner Chamber

Stainless steel

Outer Chamber

Powder coated stainless steel

Ramping Rate

Heat up

4.0 deg C/min

Cool down

2.4 deg C/min


Touch screen PID controller

Temperature sensor


Ageing Chamber offer a wider area of usage in quality control test under controlled conditions of temperature and humidity. High efficiency Ageing Test Chambers are designed for a wide variety of applications in Semiconductor, Automotive, Communications, Aerospace, Military, Medical and other electronic and non-electronic manufacturing, engineering and production test environments. Our equipment is reliable, cost effective, and has low energy requirements.

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