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Ozone is a highly reactive and unstable form of oxygen that is present in small concentrations in both the stratosphere and the troposphere. It plays an important role in the atmosphere, resulting in both beneficial as well as detrimental effects on both living and non-living things. The stratospheric ozone protects the living beings and the environment from the harmful rays of sun, whereas the troposphere ozone or ground level ozone is highly toxic for living beings and is notorious for causing material damage and corrosion. The ground level ozone usually results due to the interaction between atmospheric pollutants and the sunlight, though a small amount is also contributed from the overlaying stratosphere. The concentration of ozone varies from one place to another and within the same environment from time to time. However, with an increase in population and rapid industrialization, the concentration of ozone has been gradually increasing over the past few years. This ozone, being a powerful oxidant, often leads to significant material damage, resulting in economic losses due to increased cost of production and maintenance. The ozone climatic test chambers are often employed by industrial units and research organizations to study the effect of ozone exposure on the aesthetics and functional value of various products, including plastics, rubber, paint, fabrics, metals etc.


The Ozone Test Chamber provide an effective solution to the testing of products for resistance against ozone degradation in a controlled environment. These test chambers function as static tensile test chambers as well as Rubber Test Chamber and are often used for studying static tensile deformation of various manufactured goods in the presence of ozone. The equipment works by exposing the test samples to uniform concentrations of ozone at constant temperatures and relative humidity in a sealed air environment. Under these conditions, the products undergo the process of corrosion which can be observed in the form of surface cracks and changes in other properties.

The ozone climatic test chamber from Weiber are compact and easy to install equipments that are designed for economical and versatile applications. The equipment uses high quality construction materials such as imported hi-class stainless steel plates for the inner bladder and plastic coated A3 steel plates for the outer bladder of the test chamber for a sturdy and reliable construction. The equipment also features an inbuilt 360° rotating sample rack with multiple sample locations. The rotary working table uses an aluminum alloy table board for increased corrosion resistance. All the internal surfaces are made up of copper or stainless steel for smooth and easy to clean surfaces. The roof of the test chamber is also provided with balance exhaust holes that help in maintaining the concentration of air and ozone within the working area.

The Weiber ozone climatic test chamber are designed for both static and dynamic tests, with or without rotation. These self-contained units are frequently used for testing the dynamic stretching of rubber and are often used as accelerated ageing test chambers for rubber. They use PID microprocessor based SSR temperature controllers for programmable operation. The unit is also provided with chart recorders or data logger units for storage of the recorded data and features PC connectivity for easy access to the stored data. The equipment uses an UV adsorption analyzer for measurement of the ozone concentration within the chamber. The Weiber rubber tensile test chambers also come equipped with efficient heaters and humidifiers, circulation fans and other additional devices for increased versatility. The Weiber ozone climatic test chambers are designed according to international standards and bear ASTM/ISO/ROHS/GB certifications. Their advanced and efficient design, high quality and safety standards and good simulation performance makes them a preferred choice for accelerated ageing studies and product quality control in quality control units and research and development organizations.

  • Easy to install
  • Compact size
  • Economical, energy efficient and versatile design
  • High-tech insulation system
  • Highly Reliable & Smooth Operation
  • ASTM/ISO/ROHS/GB Certification
  • Programmable PID microprocessor based operation
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Static and dynamic test setup


Technical Specifications

Workroom Dimensions










Temperature Range


Humidity Range


Ozone Density


Testing Machine

Testing machine Ozone generator or UV absorption method



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