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The multi purpose shaking incubators from Weiber are highly versatile equipments that are designed for all kinds of laboratory shaking and incubator applications, including microbial cell cultures, entomology studies, solubility tests, metabolism studies, stability tests, haematological studies, food processing, quality control and analysis, mixing of reagents and various other laboratory applications. The equipment features an advanced shaking mechanism, designed for minimum noise, vibration free shaking that provides precise control of the rotation speed for adequate agitation and mixing of the samples. These high quality incubator shakers are suitable for timed as well as continuous, heavy duty applications and find widespread usage in scientific and research laboratories that are involved in microbiology studies, biotechnology research, biological research, chemical studies, enzyme reaction studies, immunology studies etc. They come equipped with various platforms and variable flask and tube support for accommodating various types and sizes of vessels, including flasks, beakers, bottles and test tubes.

These equipments are commonly employed as culture incubator shakers and are used for incubation, fermentation and cross-breeding of bacteria for environmental studies and medical research. They use orbital agitation at variable speeds for maintaining adequate cell aeration for optimum cell cultures. The equipment provides highly stable temperatures and offers complete flexibility in terms of speed and orbit of agitation to accommodate the incubation requirements of different cell types. The units use PID microprocessor based controllers for precise temperature control, ensuring highly accurate and optimum working temperatures. They also come equipped with an easy to read digital LED display for displaying the actual and set temperatures for added ease of monitoring. The Weiber multi-purpose shaking incubators are also provided with an over-temperature protection feature with independent thermostat to prevent the temperatures from rising beyond the set levels.


The Weiber hydroponics chambers come equipped with PID microprocessor controllers for highly precise control of temperature, humidity, CO2 concentration and other operational parameters. They use PLC based HMI interactive control panel for maintaining the accurate and optimum temperature levels. The units are also provided with temperature sensors for continuous monitoring of the working temperature and non-dispersive infrared gas sensors for accurate estimation of the CO2 concentration within the equipment. These growth chambers are also provided with efficient fans and motor, designed for no-vibration and noise-less operation. They help in maintaining a uniform air flow through continuous air circulation, ensuring uniform distribution of temperature and humidity for optimum plant growth.

The equipment uses an indirect heating system comprising of stainless steel sheathed air heaters for maintaining positive temperatures within the chamber and an efficient cooling unit comprising of ultra-low temperature application compressors and non-CFC eco-friendly refrigerant for maintaining the desired low temperature levels. The equipment uses hermetic and semi-hermetic compressors and a cascade refrigeration system for efficient cooling of the equipment.

The Weiber hydroponics chambers use high quality construction materials for a sturdy and reliable construction and are available as easy to install, low maintenance portable units. They are basically double walled convection heated and cooled units that feature high grade 304 stainless steel interiors and external surfaces made up of thick PCRC sheets. The gap between the walls is filled with mineral glass wool or polyurethane insulation for maximum thermal stability. These growth chambers are available as fully assembled equipments that come in various standard models and also allow complete customization of the equipment for specific requirements. They are designed for safe and trouble-free long lasting operation and are available at economical prices for increased affordability.

These environmental shakers use beltless drum mechanism and maintenance free brushless DC motor for increased efficiency, reduced noise and trouble-free, long-lasting operation. They use heavy-duty, triple eccentric drive for maintaining continuous and uniform agitation of the samples, even at very high speeds. The equipment is also provided with a variable speed control for precise control of the rotation speed. These incubator shakers can run in continuous mode or they can be timed up to 99 hours for specific applications. They adopt an efficient feedback system that stops the shaker when the chamber door is opened and resumes shaking once the door is closed.

  • Versatile applications
  • Economical usage
  • Advanced shaking mechanism for adequate agitation and aeration
  • Suitable for timed as well as continuous applications
  • Digital PID microprocessor based controllers for precise temperature control
  • Easy to read, digital LED display for actual and set parameters
  • An over-temperature protection feature with independent thermostat
  • Beltless Drum Mechanism for increased efficiency
  • Brushless DC motor for reduced noise and trouble-free, long-lasting operation
  • 10RPM slow speed Support
  • Can be timed or runs in continuous mode
  • Timer for setting operating time up to 99 hours
  • An interlock stops motion when the door is open
  • A Shelf locates upper part of chamber, Shaker locates lower part of chamber
  • Variable Flask & Tube Support
  • Light Bank for illumination
  • ISO certified

Temperature range

Ambient + 10°C to 60°C

Temperature controller

Digital P.I.D controller

Speed range

10 – 350 RPM


LED display

Circulation Fan

5’’ convection fan x 2EA


Brushless DC motor


220V, 2A, 450W, 60 Hz

Safety Device

Over temperature Protector, Door detector


99 Hr. & Hold for long run

Standard plate

250ml X 9EA


ISO certified

Drive System

Beltless direct drive

Dimension (IN)

5200 x 600 x 710(H)mm


880 x 850 x 1565(H)mm


Silicone Packing Door with window


126 kg


220V, 6A, 1.3 kW, 60 Hz

Standard plate

250 ml x 25EA

Light Control

24 Hr. Photoperiod program

Light Bank

FL 20W x 4 unit

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