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Ultra Low Temperature Test Chamber
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The Ultra Low Temperature Test Chamber from Weiber are specially designed equipments that provide specific low temperature environments for testing a wide variety of products and their performance under non-ambient testing conditions. They are engineered and configured to meet the exacting low temperature requirements of various research applications and often find their use for evaluation of material properties at extreme temperatures. These versatile test chambers offer the capabilities of measuring temperature extremes, allowing both freeze tolerance studies as well as the effect of heat stress on the sample specimen within the same equipment. They combine advanced technological features with an energy efficient design for highly accurate test conditions and repeatability of results. These test chambers provide a cost-effective solution to expensive laboratory tests and are available at economical prices for increased affordability. They are designed for safe and reliable operation and find widespread usage in chemical and pharmaceutical industries, biotechnology and medicine industry, petroleum industry, food industries and other industrial and manufacturing units.


The Low Temperature Thermal Test Chamber from Weiber are available as compact, portable units, designed to meet the high performance of a full-size chamber. They use high quality construction materials for a sturdy and reliable construction and come equipped with glass side walls to allow complete visibility of each shelf, allowing ease of monitoring without disturbing the test samples and the test conditions. The glass surfaces are evenly heated to eliminate surface condensation. The chamber door is provided with a double-layer, high temperature resistant, high intensity seal that completely seals off the test chamber from external environments once the chamber door is closed, preventing entry of external contaminants within the test area and minimizing the chances of heat loss due to external temperature fluctuations.

These equipments also come equipped with exterior lamp banks for adequate illumination of the test chamber. The external lamp banks allow easy bulb replacement without disturbing the test samples and also reduce the heat load, preventing any undue heating of the chamber and ensuring greater temperature uniformity. The units also come equipped with a constant temperature defrost system that prevents temperature defrost spikes, allowing low temperature applications under full lighting. They use an automatic temperature control system for maintaining accurate working temperatures and an integrated digital display for displaying the actual and set parameter. The test chambers also adopt compressor cooling technology for efficient cooling of the unit, providing a low cost solution to maintaining the desired low temperatures. They use sophisticated controllers for excellent stability of test conditions and come equipped with several customer friendly features for ease of use.

The Weiber Low Temperature Thermal Chamber are available in a wide variety of sizes and configurations and can also be customized to suit specific laboratory and industrial requirements. They are designed according to the highest standards of quality and are compliant with various national and international standards.

  • Sturdy and reliable construction
  • Glass side walls
  • Shelving system
  • Easy sample mounting
  • Defrost System with full lighting
  • Exterior Lamp banks reduce heat load
  • Easy bulb replacement
  • Adopt compressor cooling technology
  • Large sample area
  • Excellent reliability
  • Customer-friendly features
  • Easy to operate

Temp. Range

-70 to +250 Degree C (Customizable)

Interior Space volume

29.7 ft3 (Customizable)

Total shelving floor area

10.8 ft2 (Customizable)

Exterior Dimension

77.2mm(h) x 42.3mm (w) x 33.6 mm(d)

Shelf count


Light Intensity


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