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Tabletop Less Noise Large Size Shaking Incubator

less noise shaking incubator
Less Noise Shaking Incubator
  • Less Noise Large Size Shaking Incubator


The large size shaking incubators from Weiber are large capacity combined incubator shakers that can easily accommodate six 2L flasks within their 115 litres of available capacity and are still compact enough to be positioned on laboratory benches. These equipments come equipped with heavy duty orbital shaking mechanisms to ensure smooth shaking even with maximum sample load. They feature triple eccentric counter balanced shaking mechanism for uniform motion, quiet and dependable long lasting operation and high stability even with an uneven sample load due to differently sized flasks.

These incubator shakers have a sturdy and reliable construction and feature an easy to open lid for a more convenient and efficient set-up. The equipment features a unique retractable platform that can be drawn forward outside the chamber, allowing easy loading and unloading of samples and providing better access to the far-to-reach samples kept at the back. The platform is locked in place once the unit is operational. The incubator shakers also come equipped with versatile clamping system with variable flasks and tube support, accommodating assorted flasks of different sizes, ranging from 50ml to 6 L in capacity. They are also provided with angle adjustable accessory tube racks with magnetic locking system for quick coupling and de-coupling of the samples.


These incubator shakers use digital PID microprocessor based controllers for highly accurate working conditions and precise control of the temperature, speed and running time. The equipment is also provided with a user friendly key pad and an easy to read LCD display for displaying the working temperature and shaking speed, allowing easy monitoring of the actual and set parameters. The units either run in continuous mode or they can be timed for specific applications. The equipment comes equipped with an integrated timer that can be set up to 99 hours for timing of the operation. These orbital shakers offer highly precise control of the orbital speed and the orbit of rotation, optimising the shaking action for mixing of even very small samples.

The incubator shakers come equipped with various safety devices including an over temperature protector with independent thermostat and door detector. The over temperature protection feature prevents the working temperatures from exceeding beyond set values, whereas the door detector stops the shaking motion once the door is open and resumes shaking upon closing of the chamber door. The units also come equipped with interior chamber lights for enhanced visibility and use efficient heaters and powerful convection fans for maintaining uniform temperature conditions within the incubator. They are provided with audio and visual alarms for alerting the user in case of out of spec parameters.

  • Small Table size design
  • Unique retractable platform for easy loading and unloading
  • Angle adjustable accessory tube racks with magnetic locking system for quick coupling and de-coupling
  • Designed for safe and reliable operation
  • Microprocessor based controllers
  • Digital PID temperature controller
  • Independent controls for timer, shaker and temperature
  • Digital display for temperature and speed
  • Maintenance free brushless DC motor
  • 10RPM slow speed Support
  • Beltless Drum Mechanism
  • Variable flask & Tube Support
  • Light Bank
  • Easy to use key pad

Temperature range

Ambient + 5°C to 60°C

Speed range

10 – 350 RPM

Temperature controller

Digital P.I.D controller


LED display

Circulation Fan

90mm convection fan


Brushless DC motor


220V, 2A, 450W, 60 Hz

Safety Device

Over temperature controller


99 Hr. & Hold for long run

Standard plate

250ml X 9EA


ISO certified

Dimension (IN)

310 x 320 x 210(H)mm


320 x 400 x 280(H)mm


Silicone Packing & Shock-absorber

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