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-60°C Walkin Cold Room
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The -60 Walk in Cold Room from Weiber are custom built freezers that are designed to provide working temperatures as low as -60°C for storage and preservation of food items and biological samples for longer periods of time. These walk in cold rooms are constructed to withstand the rigors of extremely low temperature environments and are large enough to allow the user to walk into the cold room while providing a large storage area for accommodating a wide variety of storage items. Weiber Industrial Cold Room Manufacturers constructed these cold rooms with self-supporting prefabricated panels and have a stainless steel construction. The units use high grade PUF insulation for increased thermal efficiency and feature an energy efficient design for reduced power consumption. They are available as easy to install, light-weight, energy efficient units with highly resistant, smooth and non-corrosive external and internal surfaces.

The Walk in Industrial Cold Room India from Weiber can be used for the storage of food items as well as a wide variety of biological samples, including cells, tissues, microorganisms etc. At such low temperatures, all the biological activities of the living cells are ceased and the cells enter a state of dormancy, therefore completely restricting any enzymatic activities and biochemical reactions that can cause cell death, preventing their degradation for prolonged periods. However, since the formation of crystals can cause damage to the structural integrity of viable cells, it is important to add cryo-preservatives to the biological samples prior to their freezing. The cryoprotectants protect the biological tissue from freezing damage and also ensure that the cells are not damaged while cooling or thawing. The cryoprotectants are also used for the preservation of food items, mainly as a mixture of more than one cryoprotectant for maximum effectiveness and least toxicity.


The -60°C walk-in cold rooms from Weiber come equipped with walls, ceiling and door insulation for best thermal performance. They are provided with a highly advanced control panel to facilitate fully automatic operation. The easy to use control panel is provided with an efficient temperature controller and controllers for other operating parameters for highly precise, stable and accurate working conditions. The units also come equipped with a digital thermostat for highly precise temperature control and adjustment, facilitating the maintenance of best possible storage conditions within the equipment. The cold storage chamber of the equipment is controlled independently and offers a minimal frozen time of 3 hours. The doors of the cold chamber also operate independent of each other, allowing the user to adjust the storage area as per the requirement.

  • Energy efficient, economical models
  • Low noise operation
  • Easy to install
  • High Strength, stainless steel construction
  • Fabricated light weight units
  • Energy saving design
  • Walls, ceiling and door insulation for best thermal performance
  • Efficient refrigeration unit with hermetic, reciprocating compressors
  • Use of non-CFC refrigerants
  • Advanced design control panel for fully automatic operation
  • Digital thermostat for precise temperature control

Working Temperature

-60 deg. C


Stainless steel

Temperature control

Digital Temperature Controller

Temperature tolerance

+/- 1 deg. C

Temperature sensor

PT 100

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