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The high low temperature test chambers from Weiber are climatic test chambers, designed to simulate highly precise high and low temperature environments for the testing of electrical and electronics items, metallic products, automobile parts, food items, biological samples, chemicals, building materials and other wide variety of processed and packaged goods. These test chambers find widespread usage in manufacturing units, quality control units and scientific research organizations and are commonly employed for heat endurance test, cold endurance test and humidity and dryness endurance tests of products. These tests help in determining the product performance in specific environments and also help in identifying any manufacturing flaws and in determining its stability and shelf life.

These high low thermal chambers from Weiberare essentially double walled equipments that feature an inner bladder made up of high grade SUS 304 stainless steel plates and an outer bladder made up of plastic coated A3 steel plates. The equipment uses high-tech insulation system for maximum thermal efficiency. The test chamber also uses a high intensity, high temperature resistant double layered seal between the chamber door and the chamber wall that completely seals off the internal environment from the external environment once the door is closed. The chamber door is provided with an observation window for complete visibility of the test process, allowing real-time observation and analysis.


These thermostatic and constant humidity equipments use high precision microcomputer based touch screen controllers for highly precise temperature and humidity control.They use a unique balance thermal control and an advanced preheating technology for accurate working temperatures. They also feature an easy to use graphical interface system and digital LCD display for constant monitoring of actual and set parameters.The equipment uses programmable PID controller for single-set point or multi-set point operation and offers complete flexibility in terms of programming and operation.

These industrial application temperature chambersuse IR Ni-Cr alloy heating element for indirect heating of the equipment and centrifugal blowers for maintaining the air circulation for uniform distribution of heat. The refrigeration system comprises of imported, enclosed compressors and non-CFC refrigerants. It is generally designed for mechanical compression and single-stage refrigeration. These test chambers also come equipped with temperature sensors that detect any fluctuations in working temperatures and activate the alarms and signals, thereby maintaining the sanctity of the test environment.

The high low temperature test chambers from Weiber also come equipped with an array of safety features including an electronic safety warning device and a mechanical self contained temperature limiter for added safety. The equipment uses USB interface and RS 232 interface for PC and multi-unit connectivity. It is also connected to data logger units for storage of the recorded data, allowing analysis and interpretation even at a later date.

The Weiber high low temperature test chambers are available in a wide variety of sizes and configurations and use advanced technologies for a safe and reliable operation. The equipment is available in both standard and customized models and is completely customizable in terms of size, design and features. The test chambers are designed in accordance with international standards of quality and safety and conform to GB standards.

  • Smooth, easy to clean, corrosion proof surfaces
  • Sturdy construction
  • Easy to install
  • Compact and portable units
  • Advanced design with high tech insulation system
  • Safe and reliable operation
  • Versatile usage
  • Energy efficient and economical
  • Programmable PID microcomputer based operation
  • Easy to use, touch screen interface
  • Conform to GB standards
  • Available at economical pricing

Temp. range

-70°C to +180°C

Temp. uniformity


Humidity Range

5% to 95% RH ≤2°C

Air inflow


Power supply serial communications


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