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Front View Growth Chamber
Front View Growth Chamber
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The front view growth chambers from Weiber are designed to provide a controlled environment to facilitate optimum plant growth for a wide variety of research and teaching applications. The equipment provides highly precise control of temperature, humidity and other environmental parameters, allowing imitation of particular habitats and facilitating the study of plant’s response to different growth conditions. Though they are compact units with a small footprint, they can easily accommodate large sized samples such as full-size plants and multiple sample cultures. The equipment features a large front glass window to allow display of the incubated samples and comes equipped with doors on both sides of the chamber, allowing insertion and placement of the samples from either side. These growth chambers from Weiber are available in various standard sizes and can also be configured to suit specific requirements.

They feature a double walled construction with highly resistant and non-corrosive, high grade SUS 304 stainless interiors and powder coated steel plate exteriors. The gap between the walls is filled with high grade insulation for maximum thermal stability and reduced energy consumption. The equipment also features a safety vaccumized triple glass pair front and ceiling for efficient insulation from external temperature fluctuations.


The Weiber growth chambers use a 2-step programmable digital PID controller for highly accurate and optimum working temperatures and programmable operation of the equipment. They also come equipped with an efficient cooling system comprising of hermetically sealed compressors and autoexchange dual evaporator for maintaining the desired temperature levels. These equipments use an air distribution plenum for maintaining a uniform air flow, ensuring adequate ventilation of plant surfaces and uniform temperature and humidity conditions within the chamber. They come equipped with active humidifiers to meet the higher humidity requirements of most of the potted plants. These humidifiers use SUS 316 pipe heaters and efficient motors for evaporation of water from the water reservoir. The digital ceramic device humidity sensors and digital PID humidity controller provides precise control of relative humidity within the chamber.

These growth chambers use a standard lighting system comprising of fluorescent and candescent lamps to provide a broad light spectrum for best plant growth. The equipments are fitted with a light meter comprising of movable sensor with flexible cable to allow continuous monitoring of illumination levels and light quantity. A photo period program control fitted with 24-hour timer provides efficient control of illuminance to allow definite hours of photoperiod for plant photosynthesis. These equipments are designed for automated operation and can also be remote operated for convenience. The programmable operation allows the user to set the operating parameters at defined set points, whereas the audio and visual alarms allow accurate monitoring of the equipment, preventing deviations from set points.

These growth chambers also come equipped with other safety features including an over-temperature protection feature, level monitor and power breaker for added safety. They provide an economical and energy efficient solution to the growth and maintenance of large sized plants and cultures on a laboratory scale and come equipped with product certifications and markings for quality and safety. These large capacity growth chambers also come equipped with sturdy castor wheels for easy movement.

  • 2 Step programmable digital PID controller
  • Highly accurate temperature, humidity and illumination conditions
  • 2,430 L – Large Capacity units
  • Easy to move
  • Safe and reliable operation
  • Highly resistant, non-corrosive construction
  • Safety Features
  • Full side door on each side
  • Front Large glass window for display
  • Remote Control Box
  • Light Bank up Down System

Dimensions (INNER)

1800 x 900 x 1500(H)mm

Dimensions OUT

2000 x 1100 x 2600(H)mm

Construction material (Outside)

Steel plate with powder coating

Construction material (Inside)

Stainless Steel, SUS 304


Safety vaccumized triple glass pair


Vaccumized triple glass pair

Temperature Range

10 to 50 deg. C

Temperature Accuracy

+/- 3 deg. C at 35 deg. C

Temp Controller

Digital P.I.D controller

Temp. Program

2 step programmable


Evaporation by motor with SUS 316 Pipe heater

Humidity Range

40 to 95% RH

Humidity Accuracy

+/- 1 deg. C at 65%

Humidity Controller

Digital P.I.D controller

Humidity sensor

Digital ceramic device


Max 22,000 Lux

Illuminance Control

Photo period program control (24 hr. Timer)

Lux Meter

Movable sensor with flexible cable


2,430 L


220V, 47A, 10.5kW, 60 Hz


Metal Lamp x 4ea

Main Control

Remote control Automatic type

Cooling Device

Hermetically sealed compressor

Auto exchange Dual Evaporator

Safety Device

Over/under Temp. Protector, Level monitor,

Power breaker, water purify filter

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