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The environmental control chambers from Weiber are designed to provide a highly controlled environment for general testing, fabrication and/or storage of products as well other critical applications. These equipments allow replication of natural weathering conditions in an artificial laboratory environment, accelerating the effects of environmental exposure for testing the resistance and durability of biological items, electronic devices and components, machinery, materials and other industrial products to such extreme environments. These environmental test equipments also provide an inert and dry measurement environment at ambient pressure for conditioning or preparation of test items for further physical or chemical tests. They are also used as agriculture test chambers and provide an ambient environment for plant growth, often serving as environmental growth chambers.

The equipment is available in a wide variety of sizes and configurations and can also be customized to suit the complexity of test requirements. The units use high quality construction materials for their fabrication, featuring a sturdy and reliable stainless steel construction with highly resistant and non-corrosive external and internal surfaces. The chamber uses high quality insulation and features polyurethane insulated doors for excellent thermal stability. The doors feature an observation window for increased visibility and are provided with a lock and key arrangement for added safety. The test chambers also feature an easy to clean coved floor and come equipped with three shelves per door that are adjustable at 1” increments for maximum space efficiency. Each unit comes equipped with configurable options and their modular design allows complete customization for specific applications. These environmental chambers use lake water for both heat and cool control rooms and are designed for complete isolation of light and attenuation of sound, allowing complete confinement of the units from external disturbances.


The environmental control chambers from Weiber use ECON controllers that offer greater functionality and versatility than other controllers. They are designed for greater economy and ease of use and are compatible with various configurations of temperature and humidity chambers. The units use advanced technologies including PID control algorithms, auto tuning, graphical data logging, multi-loop control capability, programmable alarms and an efficient control system that allows control of many different functions from one single device. They use PID microprocessor based controllers for highly precise control of temperature, humidity, illumination and other environmental parameters and come equipped with high sensitivity touch screen high resolution LCD display for displaying the actual and set parameters. They use a simplified graphical user interface to allow easy control of various operating parameters. The units also come equipped with high intensity discharge (HID) bulbs, strategically positioned within the chamber to provide high intensity illuminance and uniform illumination.

The Weiber environmental control chambers are designed for economical and energy efficient operation and provide a cost-effective solution to environmental testing of products. They are designed in accordance with international standards and conform to the highest standards of quality and safety.

  • Stainless steel construction
  • Reliable and safe operation
  • Maximum space efficiency
  • Economical and energy efficient
  • Econ controller
  • Lighting include high intensity discharge (HID) bulbs
  • Lock and key arrangement for doors
  • Safety features
  • Configurable options and complete customization
  • Microprocessor based P.I.D controller
  • Highly accurate environmental conditions
  • High sensitivity touch screen high resolution LCD display


Stainless steel

Temp. Range


Interior Space Volume

815 ft3 (23.1 m3)

Total Shelving Floor Area:

90 ft2 (8.4 m2)

Maximum Growing Height

87 in. (221 cm)

Exterior Dimensions: inches(cm)

Height: 104 (264.2)
Width: 120 (304.8)
Depth: 139 (353.1)

Light Intensity


Humidity control

+/- 0.5%

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