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The Weiber Emu egg incubators are designed to provide the optimum incubation conditions for best hatches and provide the closest possible natural environment for Emu hatchlings. These equipments use advanced technologies, hi-tech features and smart hatching control systems for maximum productivity. The microprocessor based smart hatches functions provide precise control of the working temperature, humidity levels, ventilation levels and regular egg turning for automatic hatching process.

Emu eggs are very large in size and therefore our incubator is equipped with deeper trays that can easily accommodate them while still being roomy enough to allow air circulation

These are available in various sizes and configurations and can also be customized as per the specific requirements.

  1. Removable shelf for putting and turning egg.
  2. Automatic Digital frequency control and display.
  3. Auto-temperature and auto-humidity control
  4. auto-alarming facility
  5. Electronic egg turning control with electric actuator and programmer for auto-turning of eggs
  6. Microprocessor based temperature control.
  7. Science loop ventilation system for adequate ventilation
  8. Efficient heater, controlled by electronic system with probe & display
  9. Accuracy of control temperature: ≤±0.1°C
  10. Hatchability above 95%
  11. Suitable for hatching all types of hens’ eggs
  12. Efficient fans and motor for maintaining internal air circulation and uniform distribution of heat
  13. Can maintain the working temperatures for up to 6 hours in case of power failure
  1. Material Of Construction: Castor wheel mounted cabinet is double walled with inner chamber of Stainless steel sheet of grade SS 304. Outer wall is constructed out of heavy gauge PCRC steel sheet duly degreased and pretreated with primers , duly painted with attractive stove enamel or powder coated .
  2. Temperature Range: ambient+5°C to 70°C.
  3. Temperature Control: The temperature inside the egg incubator is controlled by intelligent programmable temperature controller and indicator. This controller is based on the microcontroller nano watt technology and its ergonomic design suits for any specific requirement of the egg incubator.
  4. Insulation: The gap of 75 mm between the outer and the inner wall is filled with special grade glass wool to prevent thermal losses.
  5. Mineral Glass Wool Insulation: Glass mineral wool is one of the most environmentally friendly, stable and sustainable. It does not propagate flames and toxic smokes. The thick it is, the best thermal resistance it has, thus reducing heat losses in our equipments for better sensitivity and economical operations. And its impact on the environment is minimal.
  6. Air circulation: Triple walled back of unit is fitted with air circulation fans for maintaining temperature uniformity throughout the chamber
  7. Features of Coaxial Circulation Fan:
    • Vacuum impregnated stator winding with dr. back varnish under red baktol
    • Non-hygroscopic.
    • Best IR value
    • Bright bar (EN - 8 class) shaft.
    • Bush bearing of branded companies.
    • Surge comparison testing in fans and pumps eliminates into turn short circulating of the stator.
    • Pressure die-casted-rotor manufactured with zero error.
    • Boats of high accuracy
  8. Doors:A full opening single door with heat treated window is hinged on left side.
  9. Illumination: Features top-mounted or side-mounted fluorescent lights that are appropriately positioned within the chamber to provide uniform illumination throughout the working area.
  10. Voltage: To work on 220/230V A.C. supply.

 Material of construction

Outer: PCRC
Inner: SS-304



Estimated life span

10 -15 Years

  Temperature measuring range

5°C above ambient to 70°C

  Temperature measuring accuracy

 ± 0.1 °C

  Humidity measuring range

0-95% RH

  Humidity control accuracy

± 4% RH

  Operating voltage

AC 185V ~ 235V, 50HZ


1350 *830 *1500 (mm)

No of eggs


Standard Hen Incubator is available for 50 Eggs, 100 Eggs, 200 Eggs, 250 Eggs, 500 Eggs, 2000 Eggs, 3000 Eggs, 45000 Eggs Capacity.(It can be customized as per customer requirement.)

  1. Poultry farms
  2. Animal husbandry
  3. Research centers
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