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Duck Egg Incubator
Duck Egg Incubator
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Duck eggs are hatched almost in a similar manner as hen eggs. However, their large size necessitates the use of larger and deeper setting trays and frequent turning. Moreover, their humidity requirements are also slightly higher than chicken eggs and need to be monitored for best hatches. The duck egg incubators from Weiber are designed to provide and maintain adequate and optimum incubation temperatures and humidity levels for successful hatching of ducklings. These equipments are designed for fully automatic operation and come equipped with microcomputer based controllers for precise control of various operating parameters. They use advanced technologies and efficient power control equipment for automated control and high performance, convenient operation of the equipment. They are available in a wide variety of sizes and configurations, designed to suit a wide range of incubation applications.

These duck egg incubators from Weiber are offered as high quality, low cost equipments that are easy to use and offer a wide choice of convenience. They come equipped with a hatching tray at the bottom and can be used both for hatching as well as incubation. They use aluminium alloy and coloured steel plates for their construction and come equipped with easy to clean removable shelves for easy access. These racks are turned automatically, rotating the eggs and changing their position to help mitigate the effects of temperature differences, mimicking a natural environment. The Weiber duck egg incubators are designed to provide the closest possible incubation conditions for fertile eggs, as they would normally experience under a brooding duck. They maintain appropriate temperature, humidity and ventilation levels for optimum growth and development of the embryos, resulting in hatchability of above 95%.


These equipments use micro-computer based controllers for precise control of temperature, humidity and ventilation. The automatic temperature and humidity control eliminates any chances of temperature fluctuations due to external environments, whereas the auto-alarming function alerts the user in case of out of spec parameters. The units use electronically controlled efficient heaters for maintaining the optimum working temperatures and a double row digital screen display for displaying the set parameter. They are also equipped with probes and sensors for ensuring greater temperature uniformity and stability and are capable of maintaining the working temperatures for up to 6 hours even in cases of power failure.

The Weiber duck egg incubators are equipped for electronic egg turning control and their microcomputer based smart hatcher ensures regular egg turning. The microcomputer control also provides added benefits such as fault detection and prompts, alarms and indicators for faults, ventilation control and onekey hatching settings for added convenience. These equipments use science loop ventilation system for maintaining adequate ventilation and regular oxygen supply and come equipped with efficient fans and motor for uniform air circulation.

  • Fully automatic incubators
  • Colour steel plate appearance with aluminium alloy construction
  • Removable shelves for putting and turning eggs
  • Automatic digital frequency control and display
  • Auto-temperature and auto-humidity control, auto-alarming
  • Electronic egg turning control with electric actuator and programmer for auto-turning of eggs
  • Microcomputer controls for automated operation
  • Can maintain working temperatures within 6 hours blackout.
  • Science loop ventilation system for adequate ventilation
  • Efficient heater, controlled by electronic system with probe & display
  • Accuracy of control temperature: ≤±0.1°C
  • Hatchability above 95%


Colour Steel Plate



Expected life span

10 -15 Years

Temperature measuring range

0 ~ 99.9 °C

Temperature measuring accuracy

± 0.1 °C

Humidity measuring range

0-99% RH

Humidity control accuracy

± 4% RH

Operating voltage

AC 185V ~ 235V, 50HZ


1350 *830 *1500 (m)

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