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The drip box testing chambers from Weiber are rain test machines used for testing the outer protection of signal devices, external lighting equipments and car lamps etc. The equipment finds widespread usage in electronics industry and automotive and aerospace industries and is commonly employed for quality testing of products. The test chamber comprises of the guiding upright column, a drip mold, a rotating sample table with adjustable speed and a level meter to allow observation of the level in the drip mold. The equipment uses high quality construction materials for a sturdy construction and is designed for safe and reliable operation. The guiding upright column is made up of high-quality, plastic coated square steel pipe, whereas the drip mold is made up of high-quality stainless steel finish plate undergoing knurling.


The Weiber drip box testing chambers come equipped with a specimen turntable that can be wheeled in and out from beneath the drip box to allow easy placement of the test specimen. The base of the turntable has a height of 500mm and rotates at around 1 rpm. The height of the drip box can also be electronically adjusted up to 2500 mm or 2000 mm above the turntable. The equipment comes with a choice of three drip box sizes and features a fully enclosed drip box and water system. It is also equipped for filtration of pollutants and fine sediments, therefore minimizing any chances of clogged nozzles. The stainless steel nozzles are completely adjustable and can be easily removed for cleaning and replacement. These test chambers are also provided with a stainless steel water tank with pump and filter to ensure continuous supply of clean and filtered water within the equipment. They feature easy-to-use touch screen controllers for setting the water pressure to the drip box.

The Weiber drip box testing chambers are designed in accordance with international standards of safety and quality and are compliant with GB10485-89 GB4208-93 GB/T4942 and corresponding ISO, IEC and ASTM standards, ensuring maximum accuracy and reliability of the test results. They are stuffed with user friendly features, facilitating ease of use and are designed for long-lasting operation and consistent performance.

  • Stainless steel construction for increased corrosion resistance
  • Easy to use touch screen controller
  • Available with a choice of three drip box sizes
  • Uses imported frequency converter for controllable speed of rotation
  • Adjusts water pressure with flow meter
  • 40 L stainless steel water tank with water pump and filter
  • Fully enclosed drip box and water system
  • Easy to remove nozzles for cleaning and replacement
  • Adjustable sample height
  • Compliance with GB10485-89 GB4208-93 GB/T4942 and corresponding ISO, IEC and ASTM standards

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