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Acmas Technologies is a leading manufacturer and exporter of Tailor Made Chambers in India, offering a wide range of products to suit all kinds of laboratory and industrial requirements. The company offers both standard and customized models of the equipments in a wide variety of sizes, designs and configurations and allows complete customization, accommodating even the most stringent requirements and unique specifications. With their technical team, they can engineer and develop unique test chambers that are designed according to the exacting standards to provide tailor-made solutions for specific applications. The company offers these customized equipments under the brand name Weiber, a highly reputed and recognized name for laboratory equipments and scientific instruments, both in Indian as well as the overseas market.

These Custom Chamber from Weiber are highly versatile equipments, designed to provide a cost effective solution to testing a wide variety of products under low temperature, high temperature or hot and humid environments. They can simulate a wide range of environmental conditions, allowing integrated studies within a shorter time frame. These equipments operate across a wide temperature and humidity range, ranging from -100°C to +200°C and relative humidity range from 10% to 95%, making them suitable for a wide variety of applications. They provide a pressure range of 15 to 150 psi and light range of 100 to 200 micro mols per cm2. For higher temperature ranges, explosion proof chambers are also available that allow fast change rates for accelerated stress testing. These test chambers are most commonly employed for testing the indices of aviation products and space flights and other electrical and electronics parts and components, meters and devices and other materials and products. They feature a unique design that allows consistent high performance while reducing the cost of operation.


These Customized Testing Chambers from Weiber are available as compact, portable units, designed for maximum space efficiency and economical usage. They use high quality construction materials for a sturdy and reliable construction and feature a condensation-free observation window to allow continuous monitoring of the test samples. They use microprocessor based controllers for highly precise control of various operating parameters, ensuring accurate and optimum working conditions. These units come equipped with several programming and documentation options for ease of use and feature an easy to use touch screen controller for easy programming and control.

They use an efficient refrigeration system for maintaining constant low temperature environments while reducing the operating costs. Their refrigeration design protects the compressors from damage, prolonging their life and ensuring trouble-free long-lasting operation. These Customized Cabinets come equipped with a high volume airflow system comprising of efficient fans and robust motor that help in maintaining a continuous air flow, minimizing temperature gradients and ensuring uniform temperature and humidity conditions within the equipment. They are also provided with humidifiers for maintaining the humidity levels and a water purification system that helps in maintaining a clean water supply. The test chambers also come equipped with an over temperature protection feature and alarms to prevent temperature overshoot, protecting the equipment from damage.

These Customized Rooms from Weiber are manufactured according to the highest safety regulations and conform to the prevalent international standards. They are designed for safe and reliable operation and come equipped with product certifications for quality and safety.

These equipments also come equipped with a wide range of programming and documentation options through interfaces and are adapted for PC and network connectivity. The Weiber constant temperature humidity test chambers are designed in accordance with international standards of quality and safety and are available in a wide variety of sizes and configurations. They are available in both standard and customized models and come equipped with CE certification.

  • Safe and reliable
  • Economical and energy efficient
  • Compact, portable units
  • Active humidification system
  • Water filtration system
  • High volume airflow system
  • Efficient refrigeration design protects compressors
  • High performance, Long-lasting, trouble–free operation
  • Allows fast change rates for accelerated stress testing
  • Fog-free viewing window
  • Interior lights for adequate illumination
  • A Temperature Limit and alarm protects product from damage due to high temperatures
  • Pressure gauges allow continuous monitoring of operating pressure

Operating Temperature Range

-100 to +200 °C

Humidity Range

10% to 95%

Light Range

100 to 200 micro mols/cm2

Pressure Range

15-150 psi

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