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Constant Temperature and Humidity Test Chamber Uniform Temperature and Humidity Test Chamber

constant temperature humidity test chamber
Constant Temperature and Humidity Test Chamber
  • Calibration Humidity and Temperature Test Chamber


The Constant Temperature and Humidity Test Chamber from Weiber are environmental test chambers, designed to simulate constant climatic conditions for testing a wide variety of products for their quality, performance, shelf life and stability. They are used to simulate constant temperature and humidity conditions, thereby creating a physiologically ideal environment for product testing. These equipments are most commonly employed for testing electrical devices, electronic parts and components, instruments, biological samples, food items and other manufactured and processed goods and find widespread usage in scientific research organizations, semiconductor industries, material research institutes and other industrial and manufacturing units.

The Weiber Constant Climate Chambers come equipped with an easy to use LCD touch screen controller and a graphic display to allow monitoring of the set and actual working parameters. The equipment is capable of displaying the relative date and information of the whole operating system even in a running mode. The instructions, maintenance, precautions and troubleshooting options are displayed on the screen instantly for added ease of use. The design of these test chambers incorporates an integrated active dehumidification system as part of the standard configuration and allows heating from all six sides to create a humid environment while preventing condensation. The test chambers use a humidifier circuit, separate from the electric circuit for added safety. They also come equipped with efficient fans and motor for maintaining adequate air circulation, thereby ensuring uniform distribution of temperature and humidity throughout the working area. The unit uses an automatic watering system and a circulating water supply with water filter for maintaining the optimum humidity levels.

These equipments also come equipped with a wide range of programming and documentation options through interfaces and are adapted for PC and network connectivity. The Weiber Uniform Temperature and Humidity Test Chamber are designed in accordance with international standards of quality and safety and are available in a wide variety of sizes and configurations. They are available in both standard and customized models and come equipped with CE certification.

These climatic test chambers have a double walled construction and feature an inner chamber made up of high grade SUS 304 stainless steel plates and an outer chamber made up of plastic coated A3 steel plates. The gap between the walls is filled with high grade PUF insulation for increased thermal efficiency. The chamber door is provided with an observation window to allow monitoring of the test process and comes equipped with a high temperature resistant, refined silicone rubber seal that completely seals off the working area, eliminating any chances of contamination and preventing internal temperature fluctuations due to the external environment. The equipment uses microprocessor based controllers for highly accurate working temperatures. The fully programmable PID control system allows both single set point operation for long term stability tests as well as multi-set point operation for cyclic testing of products. This chamber also known as Calibration Humidity and Temperature Test Chamber

  • Safe and reliable operation
  • Energy efficient design
  • Versatile usage
  • Clear LCD display with touch screen controllers
  • High quality and lowest price power leakage protection feature
  • CE certification
  • Easy to install, portable units
  • Economical pricing

  • Basic and advanced research
  • Pharmaceutical industries
  • Chemical industries
  • Food/beverage industry
  • Packaging industry
  • Building physics
  • Electronics industry

Temperature Range


Temp. uniformity


Humidity Range

30% ~ 98% R.H

Humidification mode

External isolated, stainless steel electric steam humidification mode occurs

Power supply

AC ø220V·50HZ/380V·50HZ

Dehumidification mode

Condensation method using the dew point temperature of the evaporator coil dehumidification mode laminar contacts

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