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Acmas Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of pre-fabricated and modular walk-in cold rooms in India and abroad. The -40 Cold Storage Room from the company are capable of providing and maintaining working temperatures as low as -40 °C for the preservation and maintenance of food items, biological samples and other temperature sensitive products for longer periods of time. These cooling equipments are double walled units that feature G.I. powder coated or stainless steel exteriors and high grade stainless steel interiors for a sturdy construction and smooth, non-corrosive surfaces. The equipment uses high grade, non-CFC polyurethane insulation between the walls for reduced power consumption and maximum energy efficiency. The pre-fabricated PUF panels are available in varying thickness, ranging from 60mm to 150mm for small, medium and large sized cold rooms. The Weiber Walk in Cold Storage Room have a rigid and sturdy construction, making them suitable for regular day to day usage as well as advanced applications. They come equipped with a multi-pane viewing door that is designed to prevent condensation on the surfaces, allowing complete visibility of the storage samples. The equipment uses silicon sponge rubber gaskets to seal off the outer and inner door of the chamber from external environments.

These modular cold rooms are equipped with a water proof and vapour tight inner working chamber that prevents external contaminants from entering the storage area, keeping the stored items fresh during prolonged storage. The Cold Storage Room from Weiber also prevent cross-contamination of food items during storage and are instrumental in preventing food borne illnesses. These cold rooms are available in various sizes and dimensions and are completely customizable to suit specific requirements. They find widespread usage in industrial and research units and are commonly employed for tissue culture applications, food processing, storage of drugs and vaccines, bacterial growth, hatching of hen eggs and storage of food items.


The Weiber -40 °C cold storage rooms use single stage refrigeration system comprising of hermetically sealed reciprocating compressors and non-CFC refrigerants for excellent refrigeration control. The reciprocating compressors are air cooled and more energy efficient as compared to their counterparts. The cold rooms are also provided with an integral high efficiency air circulation system that helps in maintaining a continuous air circulation for uniform distribution of heat throughout the storage area. The equipment uses digital temperature controller for highly accurate, stable and uniform working temperatures. It comes equipped with an easy to use control panel and digital display for displaying the working temperature.

The -40 °C walk-in cold rooms from Weiber are easy to install, low maintenance and energy efficient units that are designed for excellent temperature control for safe, reliable and long lasting operation. They are designed in accordance with international standards and come equipped with CE certification for quality and safety.

  • High quality stainless steel construction
  • Energy efficient design
  • Easy to install
  • Low maintenance, economical units
  • Capable of providing working temperature as low as -40°C
  • Digital temperature controller for highly accurate, stable and uniform working temperature
  • Sturdy design and long-lasting finish
  • Dependable performance
  • Single stage refrigeration system
  • Air-cooled, reciprocating compressor
  • Low noise
  • CE certification for quality and safety


Stainless steel

Working Temperature

-40 deg. C

Temperature Tolerance

+/- 1 deg. C

Temperature Control

Digital Temperature Controller

Temperature Sensor

PT 100



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