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The CO2 Growth Chamber from Weiber are enclosed equipments, designed to provide a highly controlled environment for optimum plant growth. These Growth Chamber allow CO2 enrichment to levels as high as 5000ppm to 12000ppm to help boost plant growth and also make adequate provisions for ventilation of the equipment, removing the water vapour resulting due to transpiration and preventing the build-up of excess heat within the chamber. The units may also come equipped with an active dehumidification system for removal of excess moisture, maintaining the required humidity levels at all times.

These CO2 Planth Growth Chambers come equipped with dual infra-red sensors that provide a more compact and affordable solution to monitoring CO2 density within the growth area. These sensors provide a more accurate estimation of the gas concentration and automatically compensate for the natural intensity decay of the IR source over time. The infrared technology allows direct measurement of the CO2 concentration, irrespective of the chamber temperature, humidity levels or size of the equipment, allowing highly precise control of the parameter. It also reduces the labour and cost of operation and eliminates the lab downtime, while improving the reliability and repeatability of test conditions.


The CO2 growth chambers from Weiber are double walled insulated equipments that feature external surfaces made up of powder coated steel plates and high grade SUS 304 interiors. The insulated chamber door uses silicon packing for maintaining stability and magnetic door closer for safe and leakage proof interiors. It features an observation window to allow continuous monitoring of the incubated samples. These equipments are commonly available as small-sized growth chambers, but can also be customized for size and configuration to suit specific requirements. They are available as economical and energy efficient units and are designed for maximum space efficiency.

These programmable growth chambers use PID microprocessor based controllers for highly precise control of temperature and CO2 concentrations and come equipped with a clear LCD display for displaying the actual and set parameters for ease of monitoring. They use pre-set programs for repeatability of test conditions and also allow the user to make changes in the existing programs to achieve the desired temperature, humidity and illumination profile. The units are also provided with dual sensor monitors for monitoring the water level and a quick response electronic sensor that help in maintaining the required humidity levels. These growth chambers also come equipped with other safety features including an over temperature protection function, open door alarm and power breaker etc. The over temperature protection feature shuts off the power in case of overheating, therefore protecting the plants from excess heat, whereas the door alarm alerts the user in case of an open door, thereby minimizing the loss of heat and humidity.

  • Dual Infra-Red Sensor
  • Microprocessor control
  • Programmable operation
  • LCD display
  • High level of CO2 control
  • Large Capacity
  • High illuminance
  • High quality Stainless steel construction
  • Economical and energy efficient
  • Safe and reliable operation
  • Cost efficient

  • Plant growth studies
  • Chemical tests
  • Insect culture
  • Animal cell and tissue culture
  • Environment studies
  • Fibre preservation
  • Food preservation
  • Hereditary experiments
  • Studies of electrical parts and components

Inside (W x D x H) in mm

1400 x 800 x 1200

500 x 500x 1200

Outside (W x D x H) in mm

2.020 x 945 x 2160

720 x 800 x 1950


1344 L

300 L

Light Bank

Upper Side



23,000 Lux

23, 000 Lux


6 EA

4 EA


220V, 28A, 6.5kW, 60Hz

220V, 22A, 5kW, 60Hz

CO2 Range

0 - 5000ppm or 0 – 12000ppm

CO2 control

Microprocessor Control

CO2 Sensor

Infra-red Control

Temperature range

0 to 60 deg. C (Light ON : 10 to 60 Deg. C)

Temperature Accuracy

+/- 0.3% at 37 deg. C

Humidity Range

35 to 98% RH

Humidity Accuracy

+/- 1% at 70%

Material (IN)

Stainless Steel SUS 304


Steel late with powder coating


Silicon packing magnet door with window

Safety Device

Over/ Under Temp. Protector, Level monitor, Power Breaker

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