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Air Jacket Tri Gas Incubator
Air Jacket Tri Gas Incubator
  • Air Jacket Tri Gas Incubator India


The air jacket tri gas incubators from Weiber are designed to provide precise control of O2 and CO2 levels, working temperatures and high humidity conditions within the incubator for a wide variety of hypoxic and hyperoxic applications. These incubators are most commonly employed for growing and maintaining cell cultures and find widespread usage in microbiological studies, cancer research, tissue engineering, neurosciences, in-vitro fertilization and study of drug interaction, toxicity and resistance profiles in various cell lines for drug development and trials. These equipments offer an option of O2 control and CO2 control by using nitrogen gas to displace the ambient air, therefore providing a physiologically similar in-vivo environment and high precision flexible control for robust applications as well as more sophisticated applications with stringent requirements.

These air jacket tri gas incubators feature a stainless steel chamber with easy to clean, round corner chamber design and non-corrosive interiors with an antimicrobial coating that offers natural antimicrobial protection upon contact. The equipment adopts a direct heat air jacket heating system for faster heating and rapid temperature recovery. The air jacket also provides insulation from external temperature fluctuations, ensuring greater temperature stability and uniformity. The units are also provided with easy-to-remove, replaceable shelves for segregation of different samples.

The tri gas incubators from Weiber come equipped with a well-designed O2/N2 inlet module with dual gas nozzles. They use a multiplex gas system for mixing of multiple gases and maintaining their precise concentration up to an accuracy of +/- 0.1%. These multiple gas control systems use microprocessor based controllers for accurate estimation of O2 levels within the incubator, initiating addition of O2 or N2 as per the requirement. The equipment uses high quality IR CO2 sensors that respond extremely fast to any changes in the gas concentration, thereby ensuring long-term stability of CO2 concentrations. The maintenance free Zirconium oxide sensors provide precise control of O2 concentrations. The built-in air pump allows O2 set-point regulation up to a maximum of 40%. The equipment also comes equipped with an active humidification system for maintaining the adequate humidity levels, therefore providing optimal growth conditions and preventing the cultures from drying out.


Weiber tri gas incubators feature an easy to use, soft touch control panel for optimum operation. They are designed to provide highly precise incubation conditions, ensuring homogeneity, reliability and long-term stability of test conditions for reproducibility of results. They use highly efficient HEPA filters for maintaining a sterile, contamination free environment for various cell culture applications. The equipment is provided with a clear LCD display for displaying the CO2 concentration, temperature and other incubator parameters, providing instant status for continuous monitoring. It comes equipped with an array of safety features including comprehensive audio and visual alarms for all operating parameters, ensuring safe and reliable operation of the equipment.

  • Safe, reliable, low noise operation
  • ISO certification
  • Standard size
  • Head Up Design
  • Round-Corner Chamber Design
  • Non-corrosive stainless steel interiors
  • In-built safety features
  • Digital display panel housing all operator/user controls and LED display/warning lights
  • Easy to use control panel
  • Direct heat air jacket heating system
  • Stable and uniform temperatures without hot or cold spots
  • Multiple gas control systems with microprocessor based controllers for accurate determination of O2 levels
  • Built-in air pump for O2 set point adjustment
  • Gas seal screen
  • In-chamber HEPA air filtration system



Air Jacket temp. control

Temp. Range

Ambient +3 to 55℃

Temperature Deviation


CO2 Sensor

TC or IR sensor

CO2 Concentration Range

0% to 20%

CO2 Control Accuracy

±0.1% at 5%

Relative Humidity Control

95% ±3%

Decontamination Phase (all surfaces)†

90°C/9 hr.

Interior dimension (DxWxH)

504x544x681 mm

Outer dimension (DxWxH)

656x655x1030 mm

Net weight

110 kg

Power supply

220V±10% / 50Hz (standard)


HEPA filter

Air jacket volume

43.5 L

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