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We are ERTL/NABL accredited laboratory and offer specialist calibration and validation facilities. This is usually carried out as a part of maintenance program but calibrations can be arranged as per customers need.

ACMAS technologies has the ability to calibrate variety of environmental chambers. This includes ovens, chambers, freezers, autoclaves, incubators, temperature, refrigerators and humidity chambers calibration we demonstrate that a particular equipment or device produces results within specified limits by comparison with those produced by reference over an appropriate range of measurement.

Parameters Determined

Following parameters are determined:

  • Air temperature/humidity spatial distribution.
  • Uncertainty associated with reference standards.
  • Error in equipment’s reading.
  • Influence of ambient conditions.

Scope of Calibration

  • Air temperature in an empty working environment.
  • Air temperature in loaded working volume.
  • Air humidity in an empty working environment.
  • Air temperature at single spot in chamber.

Calibration Facilities

ACMAS provide two types of calibration facilities

  • On site validation: calibration at place of installation.
  • Factory validation: calibration at our premises.

Calibration certificate/factory Test Report

Together with the general requirements of standards and accreditation, on the request of customer we provide the factory test report or the calibration certificate which includes the following:

  • Details of sample.
  • Details of working conditional parameters of chamber.
  • Details of specific volume calibration and distribution of sensors.
  • Results of calibration calculated together with measurement of uncertainty.
  • Next calibration due date.

We also provide chamber validation periodically to achieve the required specifications and to comply with regulatory or laboratory standards. The chambers may be tested with or without loads according to the requirement.

ACMAS carries product validation in following steps:

  • Take a plan.
  • Check equipment and documentation.
  • Confirm device operation.
  • Set up data logger.
  • Check the progress.
  • Retrieve and store the data.
  • Report the findings.
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