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WEIBER clean room ovens are special ovens to work in clean room environments. Clean ovens are used specifically for heat treatment and applications for air requirements of class 5, class 100, class 1000 etc.

Variety of high performance models to choose from which ensures automated operations and dedicated cleanliness even throughout temperature heating up and cooling operations. These ovens feature an exclusive air flow pattern that assures unsurpassed temperature control and uniformity and quick recovery times. A stainless steel blower, driven by constant speed induction motor, circulates air throughout the oven.

  • FED-STD-209D,CLASS 100
  • FED-STD-209E
  • ISO 14644-1
  • JIS 89920:2002
  1. Temperature range up to 250oC.
  2. Separated, insulated inner and outer surfaces
  3. 2 aluminum expansion racks (can be increased according to the model size)
  4. Easily accessible interior for maintenance and cleaning.
  5. Equipped with safety devices and high temperature protection.
  6. Lockable doors with mobile updates.
  7. Mobile updates.(optional)
  8. Fixed or castor mounted(optional)
  9. Class 5/10/100/1000 etc cleanliness levels: high levels of cleanliness areachieved by employing HEPA filters and a back to front horizontal laminar circulation system which produces uniform high temperature airflow.
  10. Airtight structure ensures zero contamination.
  11. Automated operation throughout heat treatment process: an automatic damper is provided for automation in all processes from temperature heat up to heat treatment and temperature pull-down.
  12. Microprocessor based temperature controller.
  13. Temperature chart recorder/printer for printing graphs(optional)
  14. An automatic over temperature alarm ensures your samples are always protected.
  15. RS 232/485 interface.(optional)
  16. Universal Digital Data Recorder system (optional)
  17. HMI+ PLC for temperature control, data recording (optional):

WEIBER clean room ovens are double walled convection heated and cooled units. Outer body are constructed out of thick PCRC, pre coated corrosion resistant GI sheet duly pre-treated with primers and rust proofing and painted with long lasting stove enamel or elegantly powder coated. The inner chamber is made of heavy gauge stainless steel sheet of SS-304 grade). The gap between the walls is filled high grade mineral glass wool, which ensures maximum thermal efficiency in our ovens.

Heating: Indirect heating system is provided in our units, comprising of air heaters made of high grade Kanthal/Nichrome wires of suitable wattage.

Temperature Control: The temperature inside our clean room ovens is controlled through Nano technology based ergonomic controller (HMI+PLC optional).

Temperature Range: Temperature range of clean room ovenis 250o C.

Insulation: The gap of 75 mm between the outer and the inner wall is filled with special grade glass wool to prevent thermal losses.

Mineral Glass Wool Insulation: Glass mineral wool is one of the most environmentally friendly, stable and sustainable insulates available. Glass wool is incombustible by nature. Euro class classification is A. It does not propagate flames and toxic smokes. Thanks to a dense entanglement of materials with a low conduction and trapping a great amount of air, glass wool is an excellent thermal insulant. The thickest it is, the best thermal resistance it has, thus reducing heat losses in our equipment’s for better sensitivity and economical operations. And its impact on the environment in manufacture, use and disposal is minimal.

Working sizes

Volume (Lt) Internal dimension (W X H X D)mm External dimension (W X H X D)mm Max. power consumption (W)
30 310*310*310 460*65*670 1000
68 470*310*470 620*65*820 1500
81 457*503*356 508*890*414 2000
121 470*550*470 620*925*820 2000
170 470*770*470 620*1145*820 2500
178 580*530*580 770*1280*1025 3280
380 580*1130*580 770*1880*1025 5120
678 800*1130*750 1030*1880*1210 5600

Customizable sizes are also available.

Temperature range Ambient to +250°C
Temperature uniformity ±1.5°C at +100°C
  ±3.0°C at +250°C
Heat-Up Time (Ambient to 250°C) 60 min.(customizable)
Sensor thermocouple Type K and Type J/PT - 100
Types of thermometer Bimetallic/Hydraulic
Filter HEPA filter (ULPA filter optional)
Shelves per Unit Min 2 (number increased in large capacity models)
Display LCD
Controller Nano technology based ergonomic controller
Nominal voltage HMI+PLC controller (optional)
Frequency 230 V,3 PHASE
Frequency 50/ 60 Hz

Customizable sizes are also available

  1. Components processing
  2. Annealing
  3. Conditioning
  4. Electronic burn in\
  5. Preheating process
  6. Drying
  7. Curing
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