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Most important factor influencing the quality of hay is the actual accurate moisture at the time of baling and then at storage time. WEIBER hay moisture meter allows the user to measure right moisture content in hay accurately and quickly. Properly preserved hay, cut at the correct time, dried in a windrow and moisture measured, and then baled at the correct moisture content and stored at the correct moisture will provide the maximum feed value to livestock. The Top Quality 2-in-1 Meter can detect moisture & temperature. The meter's probe can correctly measure humidity Grass /Hay's even in the hard-to-reach areas to diagnose its moisture conditions as well taking the environment temperature. It has Microcomputer LSI circuit advanced microprocessor technology and crystal time base that guarantees measurements and has highest level of accuracy with fast measuring & reaction time. This meter has a high input resistance, self-calibration or self-test function, capable to store and cancel maximum value and hold function for easy readout of data. It has wide measuring range for both temperature (-10-65°C) and moisture level (0-50%).

  • Uses Microcomputer LSI circuit and crystal time base that offers high accuracy measurement range & high resolution
  • HOLD function for easy read-out of data and viewing maximum value
  • Self-test function or self-calibration
  • Features extremely fast, accurate display
  • Compact, lightweight and easy operation
  • light weight ABS plastic housing assures maintenance free performance for many years. The housing has been carefully
  • shaped to fit comfortably in either hand
  • RS 232 C interface - optional if desired
  • Software for result analysis optional if desired

LCD display :

4 digits, 10mm LCD

Moisture level measuring range :

0 - 50%

Temperature measuring range :

-10 to 65°C (or equivalent 14 to 122°F)

Resolution :


Accuracy :

Moisture content : ±(0.5% n + 1)


Temperature : ±0.8°C


Operation Temperature : 0°C - 50°C or 32°F - 122°F

Operation Humidity :

Below 85%RH

One pair of spare pins with screw supplied for future replacement


Power Supply : 4 x AA alkaline batteries (included)
Item Dimension : 178 (L) x 68 (W) x 39 (D) mm

Item Weight :

190g (batteries excluded)

Accessories included:
  • 1pc x Probe with pins
  • One pair of spare pins supplied
  • Comprehensive Instruction Manual
  • Carrying case with contoured rubber lining and a factory box

    Applicable to Grass /Hay. Automatic measurement of moisture and temperature for predicting drying times, ensuring construction best practices, and verifying damage.

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