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Product Introduction (Digital Brix Refractometer)

WEIBER digital handheld refractometer are used for measuring refractive index of a material.

The ACM-DRB Series digital brix refractometers are highly accurate and precise optical instruments. These digital refractometers use latest and precise optical cells. These refractometers use digital picture processing technique and accurate temperature compensation.

Advanced microprocessor is center of the digital brix refractometer which measure the brix of the liquid with precisions displays as three and half figures number liquid crystal displayer. The refractometer is simple to operate and easy to carry. This equipment is very sturdy and have a long battery life.

When a reading is shown to two decimal places, the accuracy of measurement is +/-0.1

  • Precise optical cells and intelligent digital picture processing technique insure accurate and stable measurement.
  • Accurate temperature compensation ensures exact revision in wide range of measuring temperature.
  • Low power consumption circuit design,
  • Intelligent power management and automatic switch off.
  • Low Voltage alarm
  • Unit Conversion Facility Centigrade degree and Fahrenheit degree
  • Easy Four Button Operation for the complete process
  • 3 ½ Digital LCD display
  • Water Proof Circuit
  • Strong Shock Absorption Capability
  • Highly consistent and reliable
  • Easy—to read LCD display

Light from LED light source is focused on the underside or a prism element. When a liquid sample is applied to the measuring surface of the prism, some of the light is transmitted through the solution and lost, while the remaining light is reflected onto a linear array of photodiodes creating a shadow line. The refractive index is directly related to the position of the shadow line on the photodiodes. Once the position of the shadow line has been automatically determined by the instrument, the internal software will correlate the position to refractive index, or to another unit of measure related to refractive index, and display a digital readout on an LCD or LED scale

Temperature Measurement Range

0°C ˜40°C (32 F˜104 F)

Measurement Temperature Resolution

1°C(2 F)

Measurement Range(Brix)



+/- 0.2%

Automatic Temperature Compensation

10-40 C

Power supply

a battery (9V)

Operation Temperature

0°C˜40°C(32 F˜104 F)


185mm ×59mm ×45mm

Unit of measurement


  • Food Industry: Our Digital Brix Refractometer is used in the food industry for measuring the approximate amount of sugars in fruits, vegetables, juices, wine, soft drinks and in the sugar manufacturing industry. Different countries use the scales in different industries. Our digital brix refractometers calculate the Brix value based on refractive index. These meters are portable, splash proof and very simple to use, so that they can be operated by anybody directly on location.

    More and more often Brix is measured to determine ideal harvesting times of fruit and vegetables so that products arrive at the consumers in a perfect state or are ideal for subsequent processing steps such as vinification
  • SCIENTIFIC USAGE: When a refractometer is used, it is correct to report the result as "refractometric dried substance" (RDS). One might speak of a liquid as being 20 °Bx RDS. This is a measure of percent by weight of TOTAL dried solids and, although not technically the same as Brix degrees determined through a specific gravity method, renders an accurate measurement of sucrose content since the majority of dried solids are in fact sucrose. When an infrared Brix sensor is used, it measures the vibrational frequency of the sugar molecules, giving a Brix degrees measurement. This will not be the same measurement as Brix degrees using a density measurement because it will specifically measure dissolved sugar concentration instead of all dissolved solids
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