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Dry air/low humidity environment is essential in varied application in research laboratories, seed storage facility, and pharmaceutical industry and in various other industrial and specific research applications.
Our De humidifiers are ideal to remove excess moisture from the atmosphere of a given laboratory/work place/storage facility.
Air Dehumidifiers are designed to suit unique moisture/humidity control needs during processing, packaging, drying and storage. It features unique Zexter-00908 technologically advanced dehumidification coil which has the ability to extract.

  • Micro processor controlled System
  • Extremely Silent
  • Defrost automatically when the ambient temperature is below 18 deg.c.
  • Backward air outlet
  • Full Water Tank Warning
  • Adjustable air direction
  • Non-touch point tank full switch
  • Provided with castor wheels
  • Easy Movement across the house hold
  • Continuous drainage
  • Corrosion Resistant Casing
  • R-134a CFC-Free Refrigerant
  • Power Reciprocating Compressor
Weiber dehumidifier removes moisture from the air, thus lowering the humidity. It does this by condensing water onto a cold surface. A fan is used to speed up the process. It blows warm air onto cold metal coils, and the resulting water drips into a water collector. The resulting cold air is then passed over warm coils to bring it back to room temperature. The air is then reheated and sends back to the room.
    Model Number Acm-DH-3502B
    Series Industrial
    Certificate CE
    Product original India
    Voltage / Cycle 3N 380V/50Hz
    Power input (W) 5730
    Drainage method Direct drainage
    Dehumidifying capacity 350 L/day (30℃,80%RH)
    N/W (Kg) 219
    Cryogen R22
    Applied area (2.6-3m height) 350-400 sq.m.
    Control type Digital, Computer, programmable
    Sensor Humidity sensor
    Compressor Reciprocating
    Safety 3 minutes deplay protection
    Color Gray/White/Black
    Body dimension (mm) 1000 mm x 567mm x 1797 mm
    Out packing (mm) 1080 mm x 800 mm x 2220 mm

Dry Air Storage (Multi Purpose) :

In dry air storage our dehumidifier keeps the relative humidity at the desired level all year round regardless of the temperature. Basic dry air storage only requires an un insulated, reasonably airtight, building fitted with a dehumidifier. Steel and other metals, wood, paper, pulverized products, military equipment are just a few examples of items possible that can be stored safely and at low cost.

Production Facilities (Pharmaceutical):

Weiber dehumidifiers make it possible to produce pharmaceutical products all year round in a controlled dry atmosphere. These dehumidifiers increase production capacity in spray dryers and fluidized beds that are used, for example, in the food industry. Breweries can avoid mould and condensation on cold surfaces by using dehumidifiers


Archives for photographic film must be kept at low temperature and at low relative humidity, typically + 2 ºC, 30% RH. A controlled climate with stable relative humidity is also vital to prevent art collections, old documents, textiles, books etc from being damaged by the ravages of time.

Power Plants And Buildings:

Being able to supply dry air inside industrial facilities and buildings is an important capability. Power plant boilers, piping, steam condensers, turbines and bridges are examples of dry air corrosion protection methods. Buildings that have suffered flooding or moisture damage can often be made fully functional again after drying out with dry air.


Dehumidifying of ammunition storage and preserving mothballed vehicles were some of the first applications in the military field. Since then the number of applications has multiplied several times over covering everything from submarines to fighter aircraft. Small arms, tanks, vehicles, radio- and radar installations, underground rock cavern storage can all benefit from dehumidification techniques

Electronic Industry:

For manufacture of certain electronic equipment extremely clean, but also dry air is needed. For example we have supplied desiccant dehumidifiers and temperature control for products temporarily stored at 2 % RH 15 ºC, between different stages in a production process.

Other Applications:

Perhaps none of the above applications fit your specific demand for drying or maintaining a controlled dry air environment. We have experience over a range of applications, everything from underground rock cavern storage to the drying of mushrooms and ostrich eggs.

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