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Salt Spray Test Chamber Manufacturers

The Salt water spraying/corrosive resistant machine are specialized to test the performance of the products for its surfaces of various materials after treatment of corrosive protection by means of painting, coating, galvanizing, anodizing and of lubricant.

WEIBER Salt Spray Test Chambers allows selective and reproducible accelerated corrosion testing complying with the requirements of relevant national and international standards such asDIN, ISO, ASTM, DEF, MIL-STD, etc. Standard as well as customizable sizes are available. This Chamber also called Corrosion resistance test chamber, Cyclic Corrosion Test Chamber and Salt Spray Chamber.

  1. Choice of capacities – 108Lt,270Lt, 480Lt, 800Lt and as per requirement.
  2. Easy to clean, smooth, non-corrosive surfaces
  3. It has the function to refill water automatically when water level is insufficient.
  4. With accurate glass made nozzle (Pyrex) no sediment of crystallization blocked in 4000hours.
  5. The control instruments are mounted in one panel so it easy to operate and clear at a glance.
  6. Equipped with dual protection for over temperature and an alarming device for insufficient water level so as to ensure the safe operation.
  7. The test tank is heated directly by vapor so that the temperature rises fast and the stand by time shortened.
  8. The water spraying column equipped with the disperser has the functions to lead and adjust the reek and also has the function to make the falling reek even (the control instrument and the nozzles adopt the systems of Europe, America and Japan. The relevant materials adopt Taiwan system to assemble).
  9. Colour touch panel.
  10.  color touch salt spray chamber

  11. HMI+PLC in one unit
  12. Door open and Door close alarm system.
  13. Inbuilt calibration system.
  14. Less use of Electrical and Mechanical Components on the Top and Bottom of Chamber - Provides easy maintenance of chamber, increases durability because of proper air circulation; cooling systems kept at bottom of the chamber to provide proper environment for compressor.
  15. Circulation Fan with Variable Speed
    • Electrical efficiency
      Variable speed motor saves money by reducing energy bills, as it consumes less electricity than conventional motor.
    • Cooling Efficiency
      Variable speed enables gaining air conditioning efficiency or SEER.
    • Air Quality
      Variable speed motor helps clean the air efficiently. When the fan is in constant operation (indicated by the "Fan" setting on thermostat), the motor continues to slowly circulate air, allowing filters to capture more contaminants.
    • Humidity Control
      Variable speed motor combined with a Thermostat allows controlling the amount of humidity.
    • Quieter Operation
      Variable speed blower motor are significantly quieter thanits single-speed counterpart.
  16. Digital Output – Target and Performance Output of the chamber operations are in digital format(digits) giving precise reading.
  17. Pre - Attached Data Logger with Data Analysis Software - Primary benefits of using data loggers is to automatically collect data 24-hour basis.Graph and table format of results can be produced automatically by the data logging software.
  18. Self - Calibration System - WEIBER incorporate a self-calibration system, in each chamber,that is completely automatic to prevent errors that could result from failure to calibrate. The system continuously monitors the environment, sensing changes that could affect analysis, and re-calibrates accordingly using a built-in long-life calibrator The process takes just a few seconds, without operator intervention or additional supplies, quickly optimizing system parameters for the current conditions.
  19. Open and Close Updates Through Mobile Network - Mobile technology has the potential to make services more flexible and keep informed, information anywhere at any time from mobile device, and can set alert system to know whether or not the chamber is being used.
  20. Reliable – Construction, performance mechanism, controls and information system integration makes the equipment reliable.
  21. Precise Control of Environmental Parameters - The set/ programmable parameters of the chamber are precise or have less deviation from original value,thus ensuring correct measurement.
  22. Micro - Processor Based Controller – Microprocessor based controller enablesprecise control of temperature, humidity, pressure and other values. Benefits:
    • Processing speed is high
    • Provides flexibility to alter the system by changing software.
    • Compact in size.
    • Operation and maintenance easier.
    • Maintain precise values
  23. Aesthetically designed - Designed according to the standards and principles underlining industry’s aesthetic values.
  24. Corrosion Resistant interior and exteriors - Corrosion resistant coatings like epoy coatings are applied inside and outside the chamber to prevent against degradation due to moisture, salt spray, oxidation or exposure to a variety of environmental or industrial chemicals/ corrosive agents.
  25. Energy Efficient – WEIBER chamber uses less energy to provide the same level of performance, comfort and convenience, thus making it energy conserving chamber.
  26. Sturdy Construction - WEIBER chambers are built with robustness to withstand stress and strain, giving the chamber long life and ability to perform in extreme stress environments.
  27. Low Maintenance - WEIBER systems benefit inretaining proper functionality over long period of time.
  28. Light Weight: Compact and superior materials ensure the chamber be light weight
  • The test condition are controlled by microprocessor based control system. Control is governed by the 32 Bit I/O system with integrated soft PLC. A web server can place test and diagnosis information in the intranet via Ethernet if desired. The temperature to be provided according to the test are:
    • The test method of salt water:
    • The lab: 35oC ±1oC
    • The saturated air barrel: 47oC±1oC
    • The test method of corrosive resistant:
    • The lab: 50oC±1oC
    • The saturated air barrel: 63oC±1oC
  • A salt solution is sprayed into the test chamber using the venture principle through a nozzle located at the top of the test space. The compressed air required is heated in a pressurized humidifier and saturated with moisture before itenters the test space.
  • The brine solution in the venture nozzle feeder vessel is kept at a constant level by recirculating supply.The heating in the test chamber ensures uniform temperature conditioning to the required set temperature.
  • Condensation generated is drained away through a floor drain, and the corrosive test chamber atmosphere is vented through an exhaust vent.


hmi plc together salt spray chamber

Weiber provides better automatic controls for the chamber by integrating HMI and PLC together. This special feature is compelling alternative to traditional methods and provides a simplified, reduced cost control system architecture.
It works by following operating steps:

  • Sensors measure the physical quantity like temperature and convert them to electrical signal
  • The actuation device acts upon that electrical signal
  • At HMI interface between operator and chamber occurs.
  • The machine operates with the logic design controls controlled by software.
  • This signal is sent to the chamber by logic control devices and the chamber operates.

Basic features of HMI+PLC:

  • Processor of 1.6 GHz: High clock speed processing PLC that enables speed up processing to the functions. With 1.6GHz processing speed, the PLC system is capable of multitasking, processing of large data volume, and high performance.
  • Audio Output Alarm: Audio alarm alertin case of failures in any of the component controlling functions.
  • 256 MB of RAM: PLC of 256Mega Byte memory for running programmes offers high memory space for installing of more programs
  • COM Port: Com port provided for attaching RS 235/RS 485 cable.

com port salt spray chamber

  • USB Ports: A USB port provided for transferring data through communication between HMI and PLC. Various peripherals can be connected via USB hub.

    various peripherals salt spray chamber

  • Coloured Touch Panel: We provide coloured touch panel screen available in 2 sizes -7 inches and 10inches, displaying all the control features, digital clock, sensor layouts, data and values, graphics and pictures, navigations etc.
  • RS232 or RS485 Interface: Serial interface provided to get connectivity with internet, mobile and other data transmission. Single device to device interface and a communication bus that is used to form simple networks of multiple devices are available through RS485 interface. RS485 interface supports transmission speed of 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200, 38400 bits per second.

    Through Ethernet communication module, AC Drives, temperature controller and other industrial automation products can be connected quickly.

    rs 485 interface salt spray chamber

  • Touch Screen Size of 7 Inches and 10 Inches: HMI screen available in 2 sizes- 7inches and 10inches, as per user’s requirement. Screen displays the control features, images, data values and other programs.
  • Expandable Memory with a SD Card: SD card plugged in appropriate slot for more memory requirement that will be read and used as part of device; for long storage requirements SD card may be added and store data with expanded memory.
  • sd card salt spray chamber

  • High Resolution Brilliant TFT Displays, 64k Colours: HMI screen displays 64000 different colours with good resolution, allowing large number of distinguished colours, easy to establish and work with. It shows entire new 2D drawing technique, the screen resolution enhanced for more realistic images and more colourful and vivid displays.
  • tft display salt spray chamber

  • Software Supports All Six IEC 61131 Programming Languages: Software supports all the six programming languages under international standard IEC 61131: Function Block Diagram, Ladder Diagram, Structured Text, Sequential Function Chart, Instruction List, and Continuous Function Chart.
  • E-remote Control Software: E-remote enables viewing the monitor and same screen shown on HMI at the production site, and control the manufacturing process via Ethernet.
  • ethernet salt spray chamber

  • A set of Trouble Shooting Tools: 3 troubleshooting tools provided with in the software
  • Simulation- Imitation of a situation as real situation
  • Debugging- Finding and reducing number of defects.
  • Online changes- Like change of IP address can be made online. Manual to operate the programs on request.
  • Increased Numbers of On - Board I/O peripherals (10-50): Maximum number of 50 I/O peripherals provided on request, to attach input and output devices to the HMI and PLC. Increased number of input and output peripherals allows adding of devices like printers, recorders, etc.,as per the need.
  • Data Logging and Free Pprogramming Software: Attached data logger with input program software provided. Through data logging software, HMI and PLC collect datathrough sensors, analyse the data and save and output the results of the collection and analysis. Examples of the types of information a data logging system can collect include temperatures, sound frequencies, vibrations, times, light intensities, electrical currents, pressure and changes in states of matter.
  • CoDeSys (Controller Development System) software technology

    software screenshot salt spray chamber

    controller development System screenshot salt spray chamber

  • Thermostat Water Tank: the gray impact resistance plate made of PVC (from Germany), 5mm in thickness (8mm for machine oversized) and equipped with the auto water level controller to avoid the inconvenience to refill the water by manpower.
  • The upper cover of the Test Chamber: use the transparent acrylic plate(from Germany),5mm in thickness(10mm PVC high temperature resistant plate for oversized type) and also attach a set of glass windows, a lamp inside the chamber and asset of auto lift driven by cylinder ,The base is made of Stainless Sheet grade SS 304.
  • The barrel for refilling the reagent: equipped with the built-in water level gauge. Use the gray impact resistance plate of PVC (from Germany), 5mm in thickness, which looks as an integral whole with the machine stand.
  • The basket supporter inside the Test Chamber: SS 304
  • The saturated air tank: made of stainless steel plate grade SS 304, 2mm in thickness and equipped with the auto water level controller to avoid the inconvenience to refill the water by manpower.
  • The oversized base: made of stainless steel plate SUS#304.2mm in thickness.
  • Temp. Control of Test Chamber-The temperature inside our vibration test chamber is controlled through Nano technology based HMI & PLC controller.
  • Conical Disperser: It can adjust the spraying and make the reek and falling reek even.
  • Spraying Modes:
    • Nozzles (German): Glass nozzles. The accurate glass nozzles (brand Pyres)
    • Quantity of spraying: 1~2mL/80C/1h (imported from America)
  • The Standard Attachments Per set:
    • PVC corner bracket V 1 set
    • Glass rod:Φ10mm 1 set
    • Salt water mixer (9.5L) 1 pc.
    • Reagent(NaC1) 4 bottles
    • Cotton fabric used for wet sensing 5 pcs
    • Inlet and outlet pipe,5/8(pressure resistant hose) 5m
    • Exhaust pipe(flexible pipe), 1-1/2 3m
  • Safety Devices:
    • Water level controller 1 set
    • Lights for state warning: 3 pcs
    • Protection switches for over temperature: 2 sets
  • Working sizes
  • Volume Internal dimensions
    108L 600mm x 450mm x 400mm
    270L 900mm x 600mm x 500mm
    480L 1200mm x 850mm x 500mm
    800L 1600mm x 1000mm x 550mm

    Power Requirements 220/230V, 50/60Hz
    Electricity 1 phase or 3 phase as requested
    Temperature Rangesalt water test 35° C to 47° C
    Corrosion resistant test 50° C to 63° C
    Temperature Fluctuation ±1°C
    Humidity Range 95%RH
    Humidity Deviation ±1% to ±3%
    Temperature Controller HMI+PLC
  1. Automotive industry
  2. Electronics industry
  3. Aviation and space industries
  4. Material and substances
  • ASTM B117
  • DIN 50021
  • DIN 9227
  • EN 9227
  • ISO 9227.
  • BS ISO 16539:2013
  • BS 7479:1991, ISO 9227:1990
  • BS 5466-1:1977, ISO 3768-1976

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