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We are manufacturers of air curtains in India, since 1990. Our commercial air curtains are widely used in a variety of industrial and laboratory set ups, where protection form dust is crucial. Our air curtains are gaining popularity in upcoming pharma industries, college and research laboratories, electronic circuits and semi conductor manufacturing units, computer labs, cold storage, show rooms, restaurants and various other industries.

We specialize in both standard as well as customized air curtain models, specially designed to meet the challenging demands of various basic and applied science laboratories and manufacturing set ups. Over a short period of time Weiber brand has been established as reliable manufacturers and exporters of air curtain in India.

Apart from marketing overseas, we are also supplying our air curtains in India, catering to a variety of customers ranging from Defence Installations, research institutes and various R and D laboratories.

  • Our air curtains are quite and have a very low vibration effect ensuring unnoticeable presence and operation in any installation.
  • It gives excellent protection from dust and other unwarranted particles suspended in air from entering in the work area and works as an invisible air barrier.
  • Reduces air conditioning cost and increases the efficiency of the cooling units.
  • The drafts are reduced on installations of our air showers, thus increasing the energy efficiency of the building.
  • Air velocity of our air curtains are customized for different applications and it can be optimized to prevent/reduce the entry of dust, pollen grains, insects etc without disturbing the occupants of the premises.
  • Elegant design, super style and ease of installation makes our air curtains very popular in different quarters of our market.
  • Our air curtains are equipped with super quality crompton motor to ensure long and reliable life span.

Outer body of our air curtains are made of thick PCRC sheet, duly pre-treated with primers and painted with attractive air drying paint or powder coated. Energy efficient heating elements made out of high grade Kanthal A-1 wire are placed in tandem with heavy duty cross flow fan coupled with a superior low noise motor, which ensures a smooth performance with minimal hindrance and turbulence.

Our air curtain is developed as horizontal fixtures and is mounted on the ceiling which ensures space optimization.

This feature enables them to be used as air screens where there is very small room between the doors and ceiling. Our air showers can be flush mounted or concealed in false ceiling or suspended by means of metal rods or ropes.

  • Model No
  • ACM-CAFP-600
  • ACM-CAFP-900
  • ACM-CAFP-1200
  • ACM-CAFP-1500
  • ACM-CAFP-1800
  • Size
  • Size Door Width 600 mm
  • Size Door Width 900 mm
  • Size Door Width 1200 mm
  • Size Door Width 1500 mm
  • Size Door Width 1800 mm
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