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Walk in fume hood is a regarded as a great way to handle odors and toxic fumes from processing units and distillation assemblies. These floor standing fume hoods can feature services like air, gas, nitrogen or any other type of gas. Weiber mobile fume hoods are ducted or ductless as per choice, microprocessor based, advanced and CE marked equipments are designed for both laboratory and industrial application like:

  • Extraction of fumes, aerosols and dusts from the internal workspace to prevent dangerous toxic concentrations from escaping into the laboratory

  • For avoiding the creation of a dangerous, potentially explosive atmosphere in the internal workspace

  • Protection against dangerous extrusive substances

  • Protection again st flying debris, compounds or particles from the internal workspace

  • ASHRAE-110-1995.
  • CSA Z316.5-94.
  • EN 14175
  • CAN/CSA-22.2
  • EN-61010-1
  • IEC-61010-1
  1. Microprocessor based controls
  2. Welded superstructure for structural rigidity and design flexibility to contain large equipment and conveyances
  3. Three-piece baffle system with three adjustable dampers to regulate lighter- and heavier-than-air gases
  4. Airfoil around top and sides of sash opening, with electrical fixtures and plumbing controls mounted on bias surface
  5. Electrical switches and receptacles. Also explosion-proof lighting and fixtures available.
  6. Air velocity monitor/alarm
  7. Blowers – selected to match hood and ductwork configuration, corrosive or ignitable exhaust fume
  8. Removable exterior side panels.
  9. Double wall construction for ease of routing service piping.
  10. Lights are mounted above a sealed safety glass panel keeping corrosive fumes and hazardous vapors isolated.
  11. Safety equipment for operators, tested according to EN 14175

Fume-hoods draw air out of the rooms they are installed in. There needs to be an adequate volume of air available or the fume-hood will not be able to draw a sufficient volume of air to function properly. Protect you from fumes you are working with. The fan sucks in the air toward the duct inside of the fume hood and exhaust outside.

Testing Procedures of Containment

Fume hoods are specifically to decrease the loss of static pressure at a given baffle opening position. According to the standard procedures the average loss of static pressure at any given four points at ninety degree and 3 duct dia from the fume hood, that will not exceed 75 feet per minute at 0.25 inch, with full slash opening and face velocity of 100 feet per minute.

Fume hoods are developed and designed to be used as semiconductor ventilated enclosures so as to protect the user from harmful and toxic fumes and vapors and to eliminate the possibility of accidental fire which may lead to emission of inflammable gases during the course of experiments. Hence, the materials of fume hoods are carefully chosen between industrial grades fire resistant thick PCRC, pre coated corrosion resistant GI sheet. The work table is made of heavy gauge construction material fortified with acid proof glazed tiles/stainless steel grade ss-304 grade. The work bench is provided with a small made of stainless steel ss-304 grade. All modular fume hoods are provided with sliding sash made of special grade shatter proof glass duly framed in wooden/ aluminum frame with sliding motion and counter weight balanced mechanism.

Noise and Sound Levels

Our stainless steel fume hoods are designed with lower noise levels and the performance of these fume hoods are comparatively better than the industry standards of 60db, and approximately 15cm distance from the sash.

Illumination Levels at Work Space

Our automatic fume hoods make sure that a maximum of 800 lux light is available on the work table through diffuser fluorescent light arrangement.

Exhaust Assembly

these fume hoods are incorporated with an extremely durable and b exhaust system that generally persists a range of 500-1250 CM. These exhaust assembly comprises of balanced centrifugal impellers that are combined with a heavy duty three phase motor of Crompton greaves.

Exhaust Ducting

these fume hoods are also integrated with a FRP ducting of required dimension as per the requirements of the user.

Air Velocity

Our fume hood ensure that the optimum face velocity of 80 feet – 100 feet per minute is maintained with an accuracy of + 10 feet/minute with the sash in complete open position.

Volume of Exhaust:

Our fume hoods are capable of maintaining a constant exhaust volume. The maximum variation permissible due to baffle adjustment, in our in house test procedure is 6% of the given volume of exhaust.


48” X 93” X 35” 38”X 72”
60” X 93” X 35” 50”X 72”
72”X 93”X 35” 62”X 72”
96”X 93”X 35” 86” X72”

Customizable sizes are also available

Constructions thick PCRC, pre coated corrosion resistant GI sheet
Table Stainless steel sheet table of ss-304 grade/ fortified acid proof glazed tiles
Sink Stainless steel sink with tap
Coating Epoxy coating/ FRP lined
Air flow Unidirectional
Air flow control Three step air flow speed controller
Blower assembly Centrifugal lubricated bearing type ISI marked assembly
Illumination Fluorescent light illumination greater than 800 lux on work table.
Noise level Noise level less than 60 db
Power requirements 500 watts -750 watts( model specific)
Nominal voltage 220- 230 volts, 50Hz single phase
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