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Polypropylene Fume Hood for high acid and trace metal analysis use. WEIBER offers a range of Pp Fume Hood constructed from all white stress-relieved, acid resistant, non-corrosive polypropylene. These hoods are specially engineered for use with harsh corrosive acids. They are available as conventional total exhaust hoods providing only operator protection, and as HEPA-filtered laminar flow fume hoods providing both operator and product protection.

Constructed almost entirely of polypropylene, this fume hood contains the Zero Leak Airflow System, available only from. The system prevents uneven particulate loading by eliminating direct blasts to the HEPA filter, dispensing air over 100% of the surface. These cabinets meet Federal Standard 209e, Class 10 air quality conditions, and have been independently tested for containment properties in accordance to ASHRAE Standard 110-1995 for Fume Hoods.

  • Federal Standard 209e
  • Class 10 cleanliness
  • ASHRAE Standard 110-1995
  1. Microprocessor based controls
  2. Manufactured from all-white, structural polypropylene.
  3. Conventional total exhaust hoods are suitable for applications with harsh corrosive acids which regular steel hoods may not withstand.
  4. A microprocessor controller monitors face velocity and displays the real-time airflow on the LCD screen in linear feet per minute.
  5. Have an advanced airfoil design that is important to the overall safety and performance of the fume hood.
  6. A removable work surface exposes a spill basin that may be fitted with a drain for disposal of any spills.
  7. Built-in vapor-proof fluorescent light
  8. Easy-access utilities panel for operation and maintenance
  9. Flame-retardant polypropylene interior - higher temperature working range than fiberglass.
  10. HEPA-filtered laminar flow fume hoods are suitable for use with trace metal applications. These units incorporate a top located filtration system powered by a dynamically balanced motorized impeller for even air distribution and excellent energy efficiency resulting in quiet operation.
  11. Available with a wide range of options and accessories, including, service fixtures, sinks, electrical outlets, digital airflow alarms and base cabinetry.
  12. Corrosion resistant interiors and exteriors.

Polypropylene fume hood are manufactured with all white structural polypropylene, which is corrosion resistant. All modular fume hoods are provided with sliding sash made of special grade shatter proof glass duly framed in wooden/ aluminum frame with sliding motion and counter weight balanced mechanism.

Noise and Sound Levels

Our stainless steel fume hoods are designed with lower noise levels and the performance of these fume hoods are comparatively better than the industry standards of 60db, and approximately 15cm distance from the sash.

Illumination Levels at Work Space

Polypropylene Enclosed Fluorescent Lighting with Lexan Cover: 100 Foot-Candles (1076 LUX) with Low-Heat Fluorescent Ballast

Filter Assembly

Large Separator-Less (Aluminum Free) HEPA Filters, 99.99% Efficient on 0.3 Micron Particles

Exhaust Assembly

these fume hoods are incorporated with an extremely durable and b exhaust system that generally persists a range of 500-1250 CM. These exhaust assembly comprises of balanced centrifugal impellers that are combined with a heavy duty three phase motor of Crompton greaves.

Exhaust Ducting

these fume hoods are also integrated with a FRP ducting of required dimension as per the requirements of the user.

Air Velocity

Down Flow Velocity: 60 LFPM (0.30 m/s) Inflow Velocity: 105 LFPM (0.53 m/s)


Working dimensions (WXDXH)mm Weight kg
1232*914*1718 320
1537*914*1718 332
1842*914*1718 375
2451*914*1718 575

Exterior and interior construction Structural polypropylene
Exhaust 500 cFM-1250cFM
Static exhaust 20mm-38mm
Exhaust duct 102*610 mm
Power requirements 230V, 50 Hz
Down Flow Velocity 105 LFPM 60 LFPM (0.30 m/s)
Inflow Velocity 105 LFPM (0.53 m/s)
  1. Chemical Engineering
  2. Material Science
  3. Environmental Toxic Analysis
  4. Analytical Chemistry
  5. Toxicology
  6. Trace Metal Analysis
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