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General Purpose Lab Centrifuge


Low-speed centrifuges featuring dependable performance to meet the most demanding low speed, high capacity applications. Unparalleled reliability with reproducible separations for blood banking and large volume processing. It is also known as Laboratory Centrifuge, Large Capacity Centrifuge, and High Capacity Centrifuge.

  • 3000 ml capacity supports batch processing in biotech and pharmaceutical environments
  • Intuitive keypad controls and large digital display
  • Automated lid-locking mechanism protects operator
  • Accumulated Centrifugal Effect (ACE), step-run and slow start/stop modes ensure precise, reproducible separations
  • Program memory provides one-touch recall of commonly used protocols
  • Controllable acceleration/braking for delicate low-speed pelleting
  • Security key prevents unauthorized access
  • Quiet operation
  • Energy-saving design increases refrigeration efficiency and minimizes heat output for greater sample stability and lower energy consumption
Max. Speed 5350r/min
Max. RCF 5030xg
Max. capacity 4x750ml
Control Microprocessor control
Display screen LED / LCD (by user's choice)
Speed control accuracy +/- 30r/min
The shortest Acc/Dec time 100r/min-5000r/min<45s/ 5000r/min-100r/min<50s
Time setting range 1s-99min 59s or continuous
Refrigeration system No refrigeration
Power supply AC220V +/-10%50Hz 15A
Noise level <65dB(A)
Dimension 580x800x900(mm)
Weight 70kg



Rotor Max speed Max RCF Capacity Tube Size Tube type
NO 1 Angle rotor 5350 5030 6x50ml 30x110 PP
NO2 Swing rotor 4000 3040 4x500ml 500ml bottle PP
Adapter 4x250ml 62x124 PP
Adapter 4x3x50ml 30x100--130 PP(conical or round bottom)
Adapter 4x7x20ml 20x100--115 PP
Adapter 4x9x15ml 17x105 PP(conical or round bottom)
Adapter 4x19x5ml 14x100 Vacuum blood tube
Bucket 4000 3040 4x37x5ml 13x70 G radio-immunity tube
4x24x7ml 13x70--100 Vacuum Blood tube
Rectangular Bucket Adapter 4000 3040 4x4x50ml 30x100--130 PP (conical or round bottom)
Adapter 4x10x15ml 17x105 PP (conical or round bottom)
Adapter 4x20x10ml 14x100 Vacuum blood tube
Adapter 4x28x5ml 14x80--100 Vacuum blood tube
Adapter 4x25x1.5ml   Eppendorf tube
Rectangular bucket for Micro plate 4000 3040 4x2x96well   96 well Microplate
NO3 Micro plate rotor 4000 2200 2x2x96 well   96 well Microplate
NO4 Swing rotor 4000 3500 4x750ml 98x130 750ml centrifugal bottle
Adapter 4000 3500 4x2x100ml 42x100 PP Round bottom
Adapter 4000 3500 4x4x50ml 30x100--120 PP
conical or round bottom
Adapter 4000 3500 4x10x20ml 20x100--115 PP
Adapter 4000 3500 4x14x15ml 17x120 PP conical bottom
Adapter 4000 3500 4x19x15ml 17x100--120 PP Round bottle (without screw cap)
Adapter 4000 3500 4x24x7ml 13x70--100 Vacuum Blood tube
Adapter 4000 3500 4x37x5ml 13x70 G RIA-tubes
NO5 Swing rotor 4200 3500 6x250ml 62x124 PP Flat bottom
Adapter 4200 3500 6x10x5ml 13x100 Vacuum blood tube
Adapter 4200 3500 6x7x10ml 15x100 Vacuum blood tube
Adapter 4200 3500 6x6x15ml 17x105 G/PP round bottom
Adapter 4200 3500 6x4x15ml 17x120 conical bottom with scale
Adapter 4200 3500 6x50ml 30x100--120 PP Round or conical bottom
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