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Rectangular Autoclave is an asset to Hospitals, Pharmaceutical, Tissue culture, Bio-fertilizer Laboratories and research institutes with modest sterilizing needs, where contaminated objects require sterilization.

  • Hi-tech radial lock locking mechanism for ultimate ease of operation and safety.
  • Steam Release valve of Stainless Steel ensuring a long life of the equipment.
  • Huger grade spring loaded safety valve of brass, duly chrome plated.
  • Water Indication Gauge with stainless steel enclosure
  • High accuracy and reliable pressure gauge.
  • Multiple operating valve for the control of the sterilization cycle.
  • Accidental Vacuum Break Device: Ensuring vacuum break due to power failure or any other usage
  • Water Level Cut Off Device
  • CUT Hammer contractor for long trouble free usage
  • Specially designed ISI marked stainless steel heaters
  • Plug screen to prevent line choking due to sediment discharge
  • Highly accurate temperature and pressure gauges for boiler chamber and jacket

The unit has outer chamber, inner Chamber, Boiler, Lid and Jacket - all made of 304 grade stainless Steel. For controlling sterilization cycle, a three way valve or a multi port valve - made of S.S. is provided. It is supplied complete with vacuum breaker, water level indicator, steam trap and automatic pressure control switch. The whole unit is mounted on a robust tubular stand. It is available in the following standard sizes. Operatable on 3 Phase, 440 Volts A.C. Supply.

Mode of Heating

Electrically heated by special flange type/immersion type heaters bearing ISI mark, to work on 440 volts three phase 50 cycles.

Working Pressure: The pressure inside the chamber is variable from 5 psi. to 20 psi. But the normal recommended pressure for sterilization process is 1.2 kgf/cm sq.g( 15 psi - 17 psi )

Pressure Control: The pressure inside our vertical autoclave is controlled through a semi automatic electro mechanical device called piezostat, which controls the pressure inside the chamber and cuts of the current from the heater whenever the pressure exceeds the set pressure value of the autoclave, thus making it very safe and energy efficient.

Working Temperature:

121° C

Hydrotest Pressure:

2.5 kgf/cm sq.g ( 35 psi )

Standard Controls:
    Multiple Operating Valve To carry out all functions of sterilization cycle at one point i.e. steam to jacket, steam to chamber, fast/ slow exhaust and vacuum/ drying.
    Door Single door shall be fitted with radical shooting arm, provided with automatic pressure locking device so that the door can not be opened till chamber pressure is fully exhausted.
    Quick Vacuum Drying Apparatus This Allows the filtered and sterilized air to break the chamber vacuum & helps in quick-drying.
    Accidental Vacuum Breaker A safety device so jacket against accidential vacuum in it and to remove residual air from it.
    Safety Valve A safety device against excess pressure in jacket and steam generator.
    Dial Type Thermometer Indicates sterilization temperature.
    Plug Screen A device to prevent chamber, discharge line from lint / sediment.
    Chamber Condensate Line Incorparated with spiraxthermosatic steam trap and check valve for perfect condensation from chamber to achieve optimum temparature.
    Pressure & Compound Gauge Indicates jacket and chamber pressure / vacuum resp.
    Steam Generator ( Boiler ) Shall be attached to underneath the jacket. It shall be fitted with -
    1. ISI marked water immersion type industrial heating elements.
    2. A magnetic automatic water level float switch to protect heater from low water level.
    3. Water inlet & outlet valves.
    4. Water level indicating gauge glass with SS guard and with automatic water closing device in case of breakage of glass tube.


  • 450 x 450 x 900 mm
  • 450 x 600 x 900 mm
  • 600 x 600 x 900 mm
  • 600 x 600 x 1200 mm
  • 600 x 750 x 1200 mm
  • 600 x 900 x 1500 mm
    1. Automatic Pressure Control Switch - This semi-automatic device controls the pressure inside the chamber mechanically and cuts-off the current from the heating elements, when the desired/ set pressure value level is attained inside the chamber and restarts the mechanism once the pressure inside the chamber falls from the desired level.
    2. Automatic low Water Cut-off Device - This device is a safety device which protects the heaters from running dry. This device ensures that the machine is automatically switched off in case the desired water level falls below the prescribed level.
    3. Mechanical Timer - This is a semi-automatic device which is initiated once the pressure level inside the chamber reaches the desired value, it regulates the sterilization time of the media to be sterilized and when the desired time is passed, it activates the buzzer, which indicates that the sterilization cycle is complete and media can be extracted.
    4. Temperature chart recorder.
    5. HMI+PLC controller
    6. universal digital data recorder system
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