Clean Room and Air Shower

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Clean rooms are designed to restrict the admission of all types of microbial and particulate contamination. A Clean Room is a room that has a controlled level of contamination usually specified by the number of micro particles per cubic meter at a specified size. Clean rooms are used for a wide variety of industrial, medical, pharmaceutical and research application.

Sometimes numerous contaminants and particles can be introduced into a clean room and for that reason clean rooms will feature decontaminating personnel/equipment such as Air Shower. Clean Rooms rely on the effectiveness of terminal high efficiency particulate air HEPA filter (provided by Air Shower) to provide particle free air to the controlled environment. An Air Shower is very often a self-contained unit that utilizes specialized, high efficiency air flow (HEPA filter) to effectively remove all types of contaminants.

Air Showers are booth or narrow enclosed passageways that have air nozzles fitted into the walls that blast air onto the workers. When the highest levels of particulate and microbial contaminant control are required an Air Shower will always be installed.

Whatever the application is, like the medical research to the sterile packaging facilities, a truly clean environment is one of the required conditions. An Air Shower ensures the cleanest possible environment possible for industries such as:

  • Pharmaceutical research and manufacturing applications.
  • Medical patients’ isolation units.
  • Biomedical and other research endeavors.
  •  Sterile packaging facilities.
  • Aviation and aerospace manufacturing applications and more.

Air Showers can greatly enhance Clean Room’s performance by removing surface contamination from clothing and Clean Room garments. Air Showers blow off and remove much of this contamination preventing it from entering the clean space.


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