Air Ionizer

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Air ionizer is a device that uses high voltage to ionize the molecules of air. Air ionizer uses a scientific method that is Corona Discharge to create charge molecules in the air called ions. These ions remove microscopic particles from the air. Air ionizer relies on the chemical properties of particles. An ion is a charged particle either positively or negatively. Positively charged ions known as Cations formed due to the losing of one or more electrons and negatively charged ions known as Anions are formed due to the gaining of one or more electrons.

Air ionizer helps in the process of trapping any air borne particles or contaminant, to more efficiently clean the air (it improves the quality of air). Their (Air ionizers) usefulness is restricted and can be hampered a lot if the HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter requires to be changed.

When the Air ionizer is turned on voltage is applied to a series of built in needles, creating electrons which are discharged into the air, when these electrons attach to air, molecules, ions are formed.

Negative ions are present in our environment, wherever the air is ‘stirred up’, especially around waterfalls, ocean surf, rivers and mountains. The air smells really refreshing when it rains this is the effect of negative ions, these are shown to promote a sense of well being.

Positive ions are also present around us, in carpets, draperies and allergens in a particular location. These ions are however believed to have negative effects on an organism, which are

  • Feelings of fatigue
  • Irritable
  • Depression etc.

Negative molecules (ions) such as charged carbon dioxide, seems to be the cause of these effects.
Some of the advantages of Air ionizer are:

  •  It can clean the air from molds, bacteria, soot, pollen and household odors.
  •  Produces a feeling of well being
  • Helps relieve of tension and improve sleeps.

Air ionizers conserve power and run silently unlike fan-driven Air purifiers. Another advantage over other purifiers is that no part of the Air ionizer needs regular replacement, because there are no physical filters, even though most Air ionizer do not have a motorized fan, the ionization creates a faint breeze that helps to distribute the ions throughout a room. Some are also fitted with screens or prongs that catch the particles of dust as they fall to the ground.


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