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Economical Total Chlorine Detector

January 31st, 2015

Acmas Technologies economical total chlorine detectors are used for continuous measurement of totalchlorine intesting water quality inseawater, process water, swimming pool water, wastewater, surface water, ground water, or drinking water.

Our detectors are based on state of the art technology for making your routine work in the laboratory, in production operations or in the field considerably easier.These systems are designed to maximise production efficiency whilst maintaining the integrity of the finished product. We excel at offering bespoke chlorine detectors to exact sizing and specification requirements.


  • Economical to maintain
  • Additional low powers relay outputs.
  • Handy and portable meter
  • Multi-frequency measurement density
  • Wide dynamic detection range
  • Low Battery Indicator
  • USB communication interface
  • CE and ISO certified
  • Stable and reliable


  • used for testing boiler and cooling water in Pharmaceutical & Chemical Industries
  • Effluent Water and Drinking Water treatment,
  • Process Water
  • Aquaculture

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Technical specifications

Determination of lower limit 0.05mg/dl
Measuring range 0.05-09.99mg/dl
Measurement accuracy + 5%
Response time 0.3 seconds
Light source LED silicon wavelength of 510 nm
Working ambient temperature 0-40 degree celsius
Power supply 9V battery 1 can be used for more then 40 hrs
Size 140x70x30mm
Weight 180 gm (including batteries)


Commercial Dehumidifiers

January 28th, 2015

Acmas Technologies commercial dehumidifiers get rid of harmful and annoying bacteria, fungus and dust mite population by controlling Temperature, Relative Humidity and Filtration and make a comfortable environment. The appliance is great for a both residential and professional use and is widely used in retail stores, offices, schools, museums, art galleries, medical clinics, restaurants and other indoor public areas.

All our products have ISI marked compressors and heavy duty coils for better heat transfer and better condensation & longer life. Our special vacuuming system ensures the highest efficiency for our Dehumidifier. The use of durable, long lasting components including strong, light weight housing assures maintenance free performance for many years. We offer an exclusive range of commercial dehumidifiers to our customers. They come equipped with a range of standard features and added optional accessories to enhance the end user experience and increased versatility of the equipment.


  • LCD electronic levels
  • Visible water level
  • Automatic Shut-Off
  • Removable Bucket,
  • Bucket Full Indicator Lamp
  • Quiet Operation
  • Eco-friendly portable dehumidifier
  • Rugged construction of stainless steel.
  • Easy access for service and repair

Areas of Applications

  • offices
  • apartments
  • stores
  • restaurants
  • bars and salons
  • museums,
  • computer and telecommunications rooms
  • Garages, cellars and animal enclosures.

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Technical specifications

Certificate CE
Voltage / Cycle 3N 380V/440 V50Hz
Power input (W) 3000
Drainage methods Direct Drainage
Dehumidifying capacity 160 L/day
N/W (Kg) 143
Cryogen R22
Applied Area (2.6-3m height) 160-200 sq.m.
Control type LED, Computer, Digital display
Sensor Humidity sensor
Compressor Reciprocating
Safety 3 minutes delay protection
Color White / Grey
Body dimension (mm) 516 mm x 602mm x 1962 mm
Out packing (mm) 725mm x 655mm x 2065 mm

Biological Air Sampler

January 21st, 2015

Acmas Technologies supreme quality biological air samplers removes pollutants of biological origin  present in ambient air and are widely employed for medicine plant, hospital, biological products, food machining, public place and other examination departments.

They are available in both standard and customized finishes in ergonomic designs for increased versatility with programmable operation. They are easy to operate and maintain and are quite economical as well. They are also useful for directly monitoring airborne contamination of specific surfaces.Our reliable services and premium quality products are known for their smooth working, operation, low maintenance and cost effectiveness, emerged as a major player in offering quality solutions, unbeatable services to our clients which are simply meeting the industry standards.


  • Up to 256 samples data storage of sampling time, sampling volume and other parameters
  • Portable, lightweight, convenient to use
  • Special design ensuring best hygiene
  • Digital temperature indication
  • Micro processor based temperature control
  • Active air sampling delivers a quantitative result
  • Modern samplers are convenient and easy to use
  • Base is Chemically Sanitizable, Dome/Seal Autoclavable
  • Provides greater sampling efficiency over longer sampling time


  • Pharmaceuticals
  • medical device
  • food, and cosmetic manufacturers,
  • healthcare facilities

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Technical specifications

Sampling flow rate 50L/min
Sampling Period  1 ~ 99min
Sampling volume  100L/min
Power supply AC and DC
Rechargeable battery DC 6V
Operating time on battery 4h
Dimension 120 x 300
Weight 2kg