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Pest Insects Control Air Curtains

June 12th, 2014

Air curtain is a device that is used for cooling, drying and cleaning within various manufacturing lines and other processes. By using compressed air as their power source, a balanced sheet of airflow stretches across the full length of the Air Curtain. The Air Curtain is used extensively in many industrial as well as commercial application areas to keep dust, contamination or even flying insects/pests out by creating forceful turbulence.

Pest/insect control Air Curtains, sometimes called “Fly Fans” are used in

  • Food processing plants
  • Dairies and bakeries
  • Bottling plants
  • Restaurants and school cafeterias
  • Supermarkets
  • Hospitals and Pharma industries

And other areas where the control of flying insects is required. The powerful stream of air that is produced by Air Curtain/Fly Fan is an excellent deterrent to insects. Sanitation maintenance applications require these Air curtains/Fly fans that prevent airborne insects from entering. For fly and insect control, the Air curtain projects the high velocity air jets across the opening, deflecting and prohibiting the entrance on unsanitary insects, thereby maintaining sanitary conditions. The Air Curtain is equally effective either mounted horizontally or vertically.

For the pest/insect control the Air Curtains can be mounted on either inside or outside of the doorways. It is very important that the entire doorway be covered so that there are no gaps for the insects/pests to enter.

  • Inside of the doorway; inside mounted unit helps to control the building’s climate in the winter by stopping the influx of cold outside air and preventing airborne insects.
  • Outside of the doorway; when the building contains odors which are attractive to flying insects it is recommended that the Air curtain be mounted on the outside.

The most effective Air Curtain design for insect control has a nozzle that can angle the air stream away from the area to be protected. An angle of about 20 degree from the vertical is usually optimal.

For this application i.e. Pest/insect control which requires maximum protection, it is common and widely accepted to use a more powerful Air curtain in order to achieve the necessary level of protection.