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Ice Flakers Machine

May 13th, 2014

It is an ice making equipment which is used to produce flat and sub cooled ice flakes. In the Ice Flakers Machine water flows from storage container into ice maker cylinder. This cylinder is surrounded by an evaporating coil so that the water is frozen on the inside of the cylinder at low evaporation temperature.

The ice is then removed from cylinder wall in this layer by a work which revolves inside the cylinder and pushes the ice upward. Here it is pressed hard, frozen further & then broken off and ejected. The operations completely automatic and no operating personnel are required.

These ice flakes are widely used in supermarket refreshing, food processing, fishery, chemicals, medical nursery and mining etc as it has got property of outstanding refrigeration effect. In cooling flake ice is quickest than any other ice.

Advantage of Ice Flakers Machines

  • No operating personnel are required
  • Large contact area provided by Ice Flakes (large the contact area faster it cools other stuffs)
  • Long life Expectancy
  • Low production cost (power consumption/kg)
  • Hygienic ice (during production and up to the point of removal from the point of store it is untouched)
  • Quick cooling (because of large and crystalline surface)
  • No wastage of water (each liter produces one kg of ice)

Applications of Ice Flakers Machines

Ice flakers machines has a wide range of application some of it application areas are

  • Research Laboratory; in laboratories some reactions are required to carry out at low temperatures in vitro, then ice flakes due to their large contact area are very useful for these reactions.
  • Industrial Applications; these machines are very useful in many industries such as

a)      chemical industry (pigments, dyes, drugs and intermediates),

b)      construction (low temperature concrete mixing, aggregate/sand cooling),

c)       Meat and poultry (preservation, processing for value addition)

d)      Seafood (fishery, saqua culture, over sea/on land processing and preservation)

  • Food production processes; used in poultry, red meat and sausages plants to retard heat build-up, bacterial and salmonella growth as well as to prevent water weight loss during shipment. It can also be used for preserving fruits and vegetables.
  • Food industries like; Hotels, restaurants, bars, flights kitchens, catering and cold accumulation.
  • Medicines; in most cases of biosynthesis and chemosynthesis, flake ice is used to control the reaction rate and maintain the liveness. Flake ice is sanitary, clean with rapid temperature reduction effect. It is most ideal temperature reducing carrier.
  • Bakery; during the mixing of flour and milk, flake ice can prevent the flour from self-raising.