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Applications of bacteriological Incubators

April 15th, 2014
  • Culturing Microorganisms

This incubator provides a controlled environment that promotes the growth of microorganisms in various culture media. The first step in culturing a microorganism is obtaining a sample, whether it is saliva, blood or tissue. The sample is then placed in a culture media, such as a Petri dish, and is put into the incubator. Levels on the incubator are adjusted until temperature and humidity are similar to the organism from which the sample was extracted. Technicians monitor the growth and response of the cells in the petri dish.

  • Identify the causal Microorganism and developing the vaccines

In medicines such incubators are used to identify diseases causing microorganism taken from the patients. A sample of the patients (for whom the causal microorganism has to be identify) blood, sputum, mucus or other secretion is placed in a culture medium inside the incubator and after the microorganism in the sample has been multiplied they can be identify with greater certainty. Scientists identify harmful bacteria, develop vaccines and even create new organisms. A common application of this process is used when doctors perform a swab test for strep throat.

  • Industries

In different industries that include chemical, medical, pharmaceutical and in the biotech industry, application of this equipment is densely done (using Tissue culture).

Safety guidelines while using the bacteriological incubator

  • While using the incubator for tissue culture the door of incubator should not be open again and gain.
  • The shelves of the incubator should not be covered with aluminum foil. It may cause temperature control malfunction or an obstruction of air circulation.
  • Flammable substances are not permitted to be stored,they can be harmful.
  • Environmental conditions of the incubator for every application should be controlled properly.

Acmas technocracy is one of the leading manufacturers of Bacteriological incubator in collaboration with Weiber. Weiber bacteriological incubators are used worldwide and are manufactured from the highest quality stainless steel, and the exteriors epoxy powder coated, to give an exceptional lifespan with minimal maintenance. Weiber bacteriological incubator is available with digital temperature controller with thermocouple sensor for better temperature accuracy. They are insulated enclosures that are thermostatically regulated to maintain a constant temperature.

In Weiber bacteriological incubator; environmental conditions such as temperature and humidity, can be             controlled        for growing bacterial cultures (37 degree c) which can be further use for identification of microorganisms and development of vaccines in case of causal organisms, hatching eggs artificially/providing suitable conditions for a chemical or biological reaction. These units are designed to satisfy a wide array of needs of any Research Laboratory for cultivation of bacteria and for facilitating biological test.