Water Chromium Content Detector

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Acmas Technologies supreme quality water chromium content detector monitors total chromium in drinking water.The large, backlit graphic display clearly shows results with user ID, sample ID and easy-to-understand icons. The case, keypad and connectors are designed for maximum durability in the harshest conditions. The detector automatically compensates for optimum accuracy under variable temperature conditions.

These meters provide wide range of works including testing water quality in wastewater, surface water, ground water, or drinking water. In order to provide worry free working experience and are supplied with a number of useful accessories and a rugged carrying case.


  • Convenient and reliable
  • Automatic temperature compensation, waterproof, auto power-off
  • Durable construction
  • Large bright LCD display screen
  • Excellent warranty
  • Direct readout ion concentration
  • Calibration due reminder
  •  Automatic temperature compensation, waterproof, auto power-off
  • Handy and portable meter
  •  Multi-frequency measurement density
  • Wide dynamic detection range
  • USB communication interface
  • Good Analysis Speed (A Measure of A Sample Just 3 Minutes);
  • Pulse Power Supply.
  • Low Power Consumption (A 9v Battery Can Be Used For More Than 40 Hours.
  • CE and ISO certified


  • Analysis of steam distillation of water.
  • Analysis of drinking water.
  • Analysis of living water.
  • Analysis of sea water.
  • Analysis of surface water.
  • Analysis of waste water.
  • Other Analytical And Laboratory Applications

Technical Specifications

Measuring Range: 5.00- 30.0 mg / L
Measurement Accuracy: ‰¤ ± 3%;
Measurement Methods: DPD method
Response Time: 0.3 seconds
Light Source: LED silicon LED, a wavelength of 510nm.
Power Supply: 9V battery 1 can be used for more than 40 hours, 10 minutes after cessation of the use of self-closing devices.
Working ambient temp.: 0 ~ 40 °C
Size: 140 — 70 — 30mm
Weight: 180g (including batteries)



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