VIS Spectrophotometer 72G

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Acmas Technologies VIS spectrophotometer 72G visible-range high-performance spectrophotometer measure the amount of light that a sample absorbs andcan be used in a wide range of fields in industrial, agricultural, chemical, medical, biotechnological, and forensic and research institutions. Quantitation can be rapidly and simply carried out with very small samples ranging from 1µL this instrument is much easier to use and also includes standard digital data storage and analysis capabilities. It is used to analyse for the presence of some compounds that absorb light of a particular wavelength.

We supply spectrophotometers at market competitive rates that suit to all kinds of buyers’ affordability and budget. Acmas believes in innovation and perfection. Hence, it provides one of the most exquisite ranges of spectrophotometers to its customers.


  • Simple & clear keyboard operation is convenient to realize auto 0% & 100% adjustment and error-free T/A transformation.
  • Factor setting & direct concentration readout functions.
  • 1cm glass cuvettes 2 cases.
  • Power interruption protection
  • Microprocessor enabled various functions such as the measurement of correlation curve, timer mode memory of standard data etc. as standard functions.
  • Dual display – wavelength and photometric result
  • Fully G.L.P. Compliant
  •  High degree of automation
  •  A standard cuvette port for individual samples
  • The potential of the new fluorescence analysis has expanded in a wide range of fields such as industrial material, environmental, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology fields
  • Small footprint for minimal bench space utilization.
  • Low cost measurement system
  • Easy operation
  • Competitively priced
  • Two reflectance measurement areas
  • Exceptional inter-instrument agreement
  • Versatile Sampling Range
  • Full Interfacing capability
  • One-step calibration
  • No external power required


  • Biochemistry Quantitative minute substance measurement in biological samples.
  • Food industry Measurement of trace components in food.
  • Pollutant analysis Air pollution analysis, environmental hygiene detection, food pollutants analysis.
  • Agricultural,
  • Chemical industry
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Metallurgical industries,
  • Biotechnological
  • forensic and research institutions

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Technical specifications

Display Mode 12864 LCD
Wavelength Range: 340-1000nm
Wavelength Accuracy: 0.3%T
Wavelength Reproducibility: ≤0.5nm
Band width: 4nm
Photometric Accuracy: 0.5%(τ) (NBS SRM930D)
Photometric Reproducibility: 0.3%(τ)
Stray Light: ≤0.5%() (360nm, NaNO2)
Scale:TRANS: 0-199.9%
FACT: Jan-99
ABS: 0.3-2.999
CONC: 0-999



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