Electrochemical Analyzer

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Acmas Technologies electrochemical analysers designed for general purpose electrochemical measurements is powerful tool for both electrochemical mechanistic studies and trace analysis. Our instruments offer a rich repertoire of well-established electrochemical techniques.  The instrument automatically re-zeros both potential and current, so that periodic re-calibration of the instrument can be avoided.

Equipped with a range of standard features and added optional accessories to enhance the end user experience and increased versatility of the equipment. It combines a convenient package for versatile data acquisition with sophisticated data analysis. Our measuring devices are based on state of the art technology for making your routine work in the laboratory, in production operations or in the field considerably easier.Further, leveraging on our advanced infrastructural facilities, we can also provide these analysers as per the specifications, detailed by our clients.


  • Ease of use
  • No plug-in card or other hardware is required on the PC side.
  • High sensitivity and excellent selectivity
  • Versatility
  • Outstanding performance
  • High resolution and high modularity
  • Operation is simple
  • The device features a small footprint and is computer controlled.
  • Colour LCD with backlight
  • Simple and kindly interface
  • Fast and accurate measurement


  • Fuel oil, both heavy and light varieties
  • Gasoline, all motor fuels and aviation type jet fuels
  • Combustible wastes and refuse disposal
  • Solid and Liquid fuel testing

Technical specifications

Potential range:                                                                +10.0V – -10.0V
Detection limit:                                                                 1-10-7 mol/L (Cd2+)
Repeatability error:                                                                      3%
  3- or 4-electrode configuration

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