Commercial Entrances Air Curtains

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Air Curtains; create an “invisible door” using laminar air flow, which effectively separates the outdoor and indoor air temperatures when the physical door is open.

Air Curtains are aerodynamically designed air blowers generating a laminar stream of air. These Air Curtains create an uniform invisible barrier of high velocity air to divide different environments. The Air Curtain is used extensively in many industrial as well as commercial application areas to keep dust, contaminations or even flying insects out by creating forceful turbulence.

Some uses for Air Curtains are on customer entrances to keep the conditioned air inside the building from escaping. This will increase customer comfort as well as energy savings. In industrial settings, Air Curtains are often used over dock doors. This helps reduce heating costs and increases employee comfort which in turn boosts productivity.

These Air Curtains are widely used for the entrances in commercial establishments such as stores, restaurants and banks and also ideal for public building entrances such as hospitals, terminals and school to reduce energy consumption and provide comfort. The working principle of commercial entrance Air Curtains is to provide the most effective air screen possible without blowing so hard that it is objectionable to people passing through.

In winter Air Curtain retains warm air inside and prevents the influx of cold air. They can also supply additional heat in the door area using optimal electrical, steam or hot water heaters. In the summer Air Curtains keep hot humid air out and prevent the escape or air conditioning.

Benefits while using air curtains at entrances

Doors can remain open; air curtain creates an invisible door.

  • Prevents heated or cooled air from escaping; Air Curtain separates two zones allowing different temperatures to be maintained.
  • Reduces draughts and discomfort; increase comfort levels for staff, customers and visitors close to the doorways by reducing draughts.
  • Energy saving; cost of running heating and air conditioned system can be reduced with Air Curtains as they help to seal the building from outside environment, making the building more energy efficient.
  • Reduce ingress of insects and pollutants; insects, pollen and other air borne pollutants can be minimized by the Air Curtain.

Commercial entrance Air Curtains are normally mounted horizontally instead of vertically above the door that keeps the unit out of the way and practically eliminates any chance of damage/accidents. During the heating season, the air stream should be directed slightly toward the outside and should never be obstructed by door operators or the door header. It is recommended that the Air Curtain fan motor be run continuously, since the poser needed to operate it, is minimal.


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