Bacteriological Incubator

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Bacteriological incubator is basically the laboratory equipment which is used for the incubation of biological products under controlled conditions. This medical laboratory equipment is available with digital temperature controller with thermocouple sensor for better temperature accuracy.

They are insulated enclosures that are thermostatically regulated to maintain a constant temperature. Hot air is circulated over racks or shelves of the incubator containing the sample (such as Petri dishes, flasks or other culture media).

It is generally available with double walled construction and is made of different materials. This measuring device is the perfect product for reliable day-to-day operations that include drying, staining, and incubation of antibody tests and for microbial determination.

In this type of incubator,     environmental conditions, such     as

Temperature and humidity, can be controlled for growing bacterial cultures (37°C), hatching eggs artificially/providing suitable conditions for a chemical or biological reaction.

These units are designed to satisfy a wide array of needs of any Research Laboratory for cultivation of bacteria and for facilitating biological test.  Bacteriological incubator is also used in microbiology, biochemistry, in the dairy and food processing industries and in water and sewage treatment plants.

Tissue culture is the most important field in aqua culture, in animal husbandry and in the others biological fields to get the good hybrids and for that crucial operation, in this application the bacteriological incubator is successfully applied. This bacteriological incubator is highly reliable as this measuring instrument performs flawless and is cost-effective.


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