Autoclave Equipment Manufacturers

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Weiber autoclave equipment are perfect for sterilization of laboratory instruments including instruments, glassware, plastics, pipette tips, biological waste, contaminated media and other laboratory items. Pressure gauge is also present for maintaining pressure and temperature inside the chamber. The autoclave has twine safety system to ensure safety to operate and pressure cooker type lid opening avoid leakage.

Acmas Technologies Autoclave Equipment Manufacturers provides more advanced features and higher performance than any other autoclave product on the market.


  • Pneumatically controlled steel valves for long durability and low operation costs.
  • All pre-heating, sterilization cycles, and drying are automatic.
  • Safety door-locking mechanism can only be opened by operator.
  • Touch screen control for highest flexibility and easy handling.
  • Thermodynamic Vacuum guarantees elimination of cold air from the cavity and make sure of perfect saturation of water
  • Selection of Sterilization temperature: 121 C or 143 C
  • Intelligent filling Water system save time
  • Micro computer control with digital display for pressure and temperature
  • Automatic malfunction detecting system
  • Open water tank easy to clean
  • Microprocessor controlled
  • Ensures biosafety & Sterilization of non porous instruments
  • Completes dry cycle with semi-opened door
  • Silicone ring seals the chamber
  • Thermostat prevents over heating
  • ISO/CE certified
  • Silicone gasket :seals the chamber to develop adequate pressure & ensures safety
  • Thermostat: prevents over heating of the chamber


  • Autoclave Vertical is most ideal for critical applications requiring assured and reliable total destruction of all living micro- organisms.
  • Bacteriological and research laboratories
  • food processing
  • Sterilizes liquids, solids, glassware and biohazard

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Technical specifications

Construction External Thick PCRC sheet duly pretreated with primers
Internal High grade SS 304 stainless steel
Chamber door outer door made of mild steel sheet with stainless steel lining on the inside, provided with lock and key arrangement
Inner door inner plexi glass door with magnetic door closure
Temperature range 121°C to 134°C
Effective capacity 48 L
Timer setting range 1-180
Net weight 67 kg
Pressure range 15 psi to 20 psi
Chamber volume 23 to 160 L
Control system PID microprocessor based controllers
Display LED display
Display accuracy 0.5% full scale
Connectivity RS 232/RS 422 port, Ethernet communications port
Nominal voltage 230 V, 50 Hz, single phase
Power requirements 600-950W

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